May 21, 2024

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This is how customers are welcomed in the
This is how customers are welcomed in the “Liradu Dog Accessories” store. Lina Jankowiak and her dog Siri who never leaves her side. © Greetings

Lina Jankowiak from Seligenstadt has been selling accessories she has sewn for dogs for nearly 10 years.

SELIGENSTADT – Lina Jankowiak greets customers at the dog accessories shop Lilladu every day with a big smile on her face and her dog, Siri, peeking out from behind the counter.

Colorful ribbons, sewing thread, and ropes of different colors are piled up behind her. “For us, it’s not just the fitting of the dog harness, it’s the actual fit,” she explains of the sewing materials she uses to sew her own collars, harnesses and leashes. “Shopping without your dog is like buying shoes without feet,” she explains. You need to first measure your dog to find the most ergonomically sized harness for your dog and to avoid putting the wrong strain on yourself.

grew up with dogs

Lina Jankowiak grew up with dogs. “I couldn’t find the right accessories for a large dog,” she recalls. So she decided to sew her collar and harness herself. “I didn’t even know how to sew a button back then,” she says. After she taught herself to sew, she tried selling her handicrafts through an online shop. “Absolutely nothing happened,” she recalls with amusement. When she found a small vacant storefront in Seligenstadt in 2015, the rent was just affordable for a 20-year-old student at the time, she thought, “No risk, no fun,” and put her dishes in the window. I hung it up and waited for customers. . “And it was well received!” she concluded. As a young student, some people underestimated her and didn’t believe her, but she also developed a loyal customer base that still visits her stores today. After graduating from university in 2018, she moved across the street and expanded the store from 16 square meters to 200 square meters.

Quality comes first

Jankowiak currently sews the garments with two other employees in a small factory attached to the store. “We do everything ourselves, from cutting the fabric to sewing and labeling,” she says proudly. True to the motto “Sleep separates us,” Jankowiak expects every seam to fit perfectly. Otherwise, she will have to unravel and sew it again. Quality is her top priority. She only sells products whose quality has convinced herself. She “doesn’t use anything made in China.” “We’re not a fancy rhinestone shop where you get your dog’s haircut or your nails painted,” she jokes. In addition to the accessories she sews herself, Jankowiak sources and sells solid oak food bars made by her father, dog food, and other accessories from carefully selected partners. She works with veterinarians and physical therapists to organize informational events such as canine first aid courses and provides clients with as much advice as possible.

international orders

“The store concept no longer exists in this area,” Jankowiak explained. That’s why some customers go to buy her plates from her. Her online shop also accepts orders from overseas. “Every time I do a little dance of joy,” Jankowiak reports. She “also sewed goat collars,” she recalls. She says, “I’m already dressing my dog ​​in a fancy bow tie for a wedding.” Some days she’s sewing a harness for a 60-kilogram Great Dane, and other days she’s weighing a 1.3-kilogram Chihuahua. “Almost every day, we receive messages from her customers praising our work,” she continues. Jankowiak’s girlfriend’s WhatsApp chats are filled with messages such as “You’re amazing” and “Amazing,” as well as photos of her dog wearing new gadgets. “Every positive review is a celebration for me,” she says. The store grew almost solely through recommendations. “I definitely found my dream job,” Jankowiak believes. (written by Lucy Glass)

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