May 21, 2024

What did this dog have to go through? Benji languished in an animal shelter in Duisburg for several months. Zookeepers knew from the time the dog arrived that it might not be easy to adopt a male Bernese Mountain Dog.

His medical history was poor, he was old, and he had serious health problems. However, as the Duisburg Animal Shelter announced, everything turned out differently in the end.

Duisburg animal shelter suffers dogs: ‘real torture’

It may be hard to believe, but it’s true. In fact, the dog Benji was kept in the car by his owner. Keepers describe the “real torture” the old male dog had to go through. Eventually, the traumatized four-legged friend was released and taken to an animal shelter in Duisburg.

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There were traces left in his past. He sometimes refuses to go for walks and wants to go home early to safety,” his caregiver reported. They explain that sometimes they give the impression that they are seeing a ghost. Then he just stares into space.

Sudden situation at Duisburg animal shelter

But after months of waiting, a family with Bernie’s dairy experience found him online. Those involved departed the next day. The family drove about 400 kilometers away to an animal shelter in Duisburg to meet the dog’s friendly grandfather. And it should work! “Then less than a week later, Benji was allowed to move out and start his new life.”

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The Duisburg Animal Shelter took some of the stress off my mind. Because Benji was clearly very lucky in his old age. No more being confined to a small space or spending days and nights alone in your car. “Finally, dogs are back to what they should be,” the people in charge say happily.

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And many animal lovers who knew about Benji’s fate are cheering:

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