May 18, 2024

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Authorities in Upper Bavaria are advising dog owners to get their pets vaccinated. The reason is a virus. Foxes in the area were infected with it.

Weilheim – A dead fox was found infected with the distemper virus in Landsberg am Lech in Upper Bavaria. The Weilheim-Schongau district office therefore advises residents to protect their dogs through vaccination. Authorities announced on Friday (May 10) that the risk of infection in unvaccinated dogs while walking in nature cannot be ruled out.

smell the dog
Border collies sniff out their territory as they walk. However, without vaccination, it can be dangerous for your dog. ©Maurizio Gambarini/dpa

Highly contagious viruses can be dangerous to dogs

Canine distemper virus (CDV), a viral disease that occurs all over the world, is highly contagious and potentially fatal to dogs. It has been repeatedly detected in wild animals such as dogs, foxes, badgers, martens, and raccoons.

The first signs of distemper in dogs

General: loss of appetite, fatigue, high fever, nasal discharge, eye discharge

Intestinal morphology: vomiting and watery diarrhea, followed by bloody diarrhea.

Lung configuration: sneezing, first dry cough, then wet cough with bloody sputum, wheezing, shortness of breath.

A simple examination by your veterinarian can provide a diagnosis of distemper in a very short time.

Source: Website of the Lower Saxony Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (LAVES)

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According to the ward office, the virus can be transmitted through droplets from infected dogs and other infected animals, as well as through infected food, water, and the excrement of infected animals. According to information, distemper virus does not occur in cats. It is harmless to humans.

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