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Can my dog ​​go on a cruise ship?
Can my dog ​​go on a cruise ship? © Pixabay

Your four-legged friend will probably be on the cruise ship, too. But what should you actually look out for when taking your dog on a cruise, and are they allowed at all times?

Whether it’s a field trip or a vacation, your dog is essential. However, your four-legged friend is not allowed to come with you anytime and anywhere. What about on cruise ships – are dogs welcome? What else do I need to consider?

Preparing for your trip: What should you keep in mind when cruising with your dog?

If you’re traveling with a dog, be aware that four-legged dogs are not allowed on any cruise ship. However, there are also offers to bring dogs on board. Due to strict hygiene regulations, many cruise ships do not allow dogs. Exception: Guide dogs.

You should also check the relevant regulations before starting your cruise. Entry requirements Identify your destination and be clear about whether and in what form dogs will be allowed there.rule Muzzle required for dogs?He must dog everytime, rope go?which one vaccination Do we need animals?

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What about guide dogs and service dogs?

Exceptions include certified guide dogs, companion dogs, and so-called emotional support dogs for people with mental illnesses. Allow your provider to take them away if needed. However, owners should first research the legal or customs regulations of the destination country. This is because animals may not be able to land there. Additionally, you will need to submit various documents. You will need to contact your provider regarding this.

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Special offer: Cruises for dog owners

Dogs are allowed on cruise lines Color Line, Hurtigruten, Cunard and 1A Vista River Cruises.from 1 Avista There are special benefits for traveling with your dog. With this provider, your four-legged friend can go on a river trip of your choice. Cunard offers special travel packages for dogs on the Queen Mary 2’s transatlantic voyage.

in Hurtigruten In principle, dogs are allowed on board. The exceptions are ‘MS Fram’ and ‘MS Kong Harald’.in color line Two ships, “Color Magic” and “Color Fantasy”, allow dogs.

There are a few things to keep in mind when cruising with your dog.
There are a few things to keep in mind when cruising with your dog. © Pixabay

What should I be careful about when taking my dog ​​on a cruise ship?

Transport of dogs on cruise ships must be agreed upon before the start of the trip. The dog then travels at the owner’s own risk.


Only one dog is allowed per cabin booked through 1AVista. Dangerous dog breeds such as pit bulls, bull terriers and rottweilers will not be transported. “We only expect dogs that are kept indoors or in an apartment, are house-trained and have good social behavior,” says managing director Hagen Mesters. I will explain. Dogs must be leashed in all guest areas. In order to walk the dog on land, the ship he docks at different locations several times a day. There is a small dog run on board in case of emergencies.

Cunard / Queen Mary 2:

On Queen Mary 2, animals travel in kennels located in a dedicated deck area. Dogs can be visited at specific times.


Hurtigruten offers permanent cabins for dogs and cats. If all kennels are full, animals must remain in their kennel on the car deck or in their owner’s vehicle.

Color line:

On Color Line, dogs and cats must be kept in their own car on the car deck or in a pet box onboard. Owners can take their animals for a spin on the car deck three times a day at specific times.

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Further regulations regarding dogs on cruise ships

It is important to have a vaccination certificate proving a valid rabies vaccination. Animals must be microchipped and have an EU animal passport with the corresponding chip number. You’ll also need official proof that your four-legged friend is currently on tick and tapeworm precautions.

How much does it cost to cruise with a dog?

Different fees apply for providers who allow dogs on cruise ships.

  • owner pays 1 Avista 10 euros per day for his dog.
  • color line It costs 6 euros each way if you want to take your dog in your own car, and 12 euros if you put it in a crate on the ship.
  • there’s a dog in the car Hurtigruten free. The cost of dog travel on board is 16 euros per day for him.
  • Transatlantic travel prices queen mary 2 It depends on the size and weight of the dog.

Which major cruise lines prohibit animals from being brought onboard?

For “safety and hygiene reasons,” Tui Cruises does not allow animals on board, according to spokeswoman Goja Sonniksen. AIDA Cruises and MSC also typically do not take animals on their cruises.

Where can I get cruise tickets for my dog?

In most cases, you can book your dog through your travel agent or cruise line’s online ticket shop. If you are unsure how to book cruise tickets for your dog, please contact your travel agency.

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Are there any rooms on the cruise ship that dogs are not allowed in?

Cruise ships typically have a limited number of dog-friendly cabins.upon Hurtigruten– For example, cruise ships have hygienic cabins without carpets and passengers can travel with their 1 Avista River cruises, on the other hand, are all public areas. dog It is accessible and allowed entry into the cabin.

on a cruise queen mary 2 There are suitable dog crates for your four-legged dog that you will need for your cruise. This offer is Cunard To minimize the stress of traveling, we also offer a pick-up service for your dog from the airport. A welcome treat of dog biscuits, treats and toys awaits his four-legged friend.

in color line I have to do it again dog in auto deck remain.There, your four-legged friend can do any of the following cruise Stay in your car or in one of the provided dog boxes. Passengers must take care of their four-legged friends’ meals themselves.

On a cruise: How passengers and dogs relax

Be sure to get dog tablets from your veterinarian before your trip to keep your dog calm and combat seasickness. This will protect you in case of an accident. Your dog also needs to follow and know certain commands.

Do dogs need to be muzzled while on a cruise?

There’s not always one Maul Cove Duty. However, you should always carry one with can be yours anytime dog Restless becomes. In that case, you may be asked to muzzle and leash your dog. The same goes for travel destinations.

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Do dogs and cats get seasick?

Yes, dogs and cats can get seasick too. “Such nausea is often recognized by increased swallowing movements, increased salivation or increased breathing rate,” says Katrin Heimsatt from the Canine University of Münsterland. It is best for owners to ask their veterinarian to prescribe anti-nausea medication before traveling. Problems often resolve over time.

List of things to pack for a cruise with your dog

In the overview you will find everything you need. Cruising with your dog You must have it.That’s how it will be cruise Comfortable for you and other travelers:

  • collar with address tag
  • lead and muzzle
  • chew bones and food
  • Drinking water and feeding
  • blankets and toys
  • pet crate
  • EU pet passport
  • insurance number
  • If necessary, take medication to calm you down and prevent seasickness
  • plastic bag for dog excrement

Checklist: Traveling on a Cruise Ship with Your Dog

Everything you need in one Cruising with your dog you will soon find ours Checklist:

  • Do you have this? cruise ticket for dog bought?
  • Do you have this? EU pet passport Is it included?
  • it is dog I have insurance, so I have it. insurance number Plug it in?
  • follow her dog enough?
  • do you have muzzle for pet dog Is it included?
  • teeth Entry requirements for destination country Have you checked?
  • it is dog vaccinated?
  • have all of the packing list Clogged?
  • do you have address tag on collar appropriate?

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