May 27, 2024

Every time a visitor comes to the animal shelter in Furstenwalde, Atlanta sits expectantly in front of the shelter’s door. The 3-year-old Rottweiler has already gone through several adoptions, but she hasn’t found a home yet.

She is approachable, likes people, and loves company. Atlanta’s fate is especially close to the heart of animal shelter director Christine Matzke. Her Rottweiler had already been reported on, but no one wanted to take her home. Now, the animal shelter director is contacting the editorial team again and hoping for a miracle.

“Atlanta deserves a loving home,” Matzke said. “She’s faced enough hardships here that she urgently needs something to do, people around her, or even a dog.” Atlanta had already been accepted three times, but That relationship always ended sad and lonely for Atlanta.

Fürstenwalde dogs: does breed play a role?

Matzke is confident that everyone who adopted her would have loved the dog. But Atlanta needs a caregiver who will give her time, companionship, and structure for her.

Everyone's favorite Atlanta is aiming for a happy ending on its third try

Everyone’s favorite Atlanta is aiming for a happy ending on its third try

Matzke believes the breed probably plays a role in adoption and hopes people will not be afraid to meet a Rottweiler. “There’s no need to be afraid of Atlanta,” says an animal shelter manager, but you should make time for the animals.

Atlanta is on hand for the Animal Rescue Festival in Fürstenwalde on May 26th

Atlanta will once again be filled with a melancholy atmosphere on Sunday, May 26th at the Animal Shelter Festival. Available from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is especially suitable for those who are concerned about bringing in animals with a history.

Christine Matzke emphasizes that it’s important that all family members are sure they want an animal roommate and are ready to adapt to living with a pet. The summer festival will feature food and drink, an entertainment program especially for children, and performances by the DRK rescue dog team.

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