May 21, 2024

Kassel (ots)


A 35-year-old woman from Kassel sustained minor injuries on Sunday afternoon near the “Bleichwiese” park in the Wesertor district of Kassel. According to her, she ran away from the dog that was chasing her and fell onto the street. Her pants also tore during the fall. The dog’s owner fled after the incident, and Kassel police, who are responsible for further investigation into the case, are currently looking for witnesses. A previously unknown passerby with a suitcase, who is said to have helped the victim fight off the dog, may be particularly helpful.

According to the 35-year-old woman, who later filed a complaint at the Mitte police station, she was in a park along the Fulda River that afternoon when her dog, which was off its leash, came around 4 p.m. made eye contact with her, and the next moment a dog made eye contact with her. The moment rushed towards her. Then she felt her fear and ran towards her street and her animals chased her. At the intersection of Isenburg Strasse and Bleichenweg, she fell onto the street after helping a man waiting at a traffic light with her suitcase to fend off and scare away a chasing dog. The dog then ran towards its owner, who suddenly appeared on the other side of the road. Despite her explanation, the man dismissed the incident as trivial, left no personal information, and walked off toward the park with the leashed animal. It is believed this dog was a ridgeback. The owner is described as a thin man in his 30s with blonde hair who was wearing a light T-shirt and jeans.

Passersby with the suitcase and other witnesses are asked to contact Kassel police on 0561-9100.

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Original content: North Hesse State Police Headquarters – Kassel, sent by news aktuell

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