May 20, 2024

For some dogs and canines, there’s nothing better than food. If an animal becomes overweight, it is the owner’s responsibility and may also be reported.

Many animals are overweight because their owners spoil them. Experts warn that this is animal abuse. (archive image) – keystone

Keep the main points concise

  • Many pets become overweight due to lack of exercise or overfeeding.
  • One problem is that some owners can’t bear to see their pets appear hungry.
  • In the worst case scenario, if an animal becomes overweight, the owner may be reported.

Dogs and owners who spoil them are always in the news. One result of this is that many pets become overweight.

True, some four-legged friends are greedy by nature, but the responsibility lies with the owner. If an animal is allowed to become overweight, its health will suffer.

In the worst case scenario, you may be reported. “This is animal abuse,” explains St. Gallen veterinarian Julika Fizzi of the Swiss Society for the Protection of Animals (STS).

Some people simply change their ways when veterinarians put pressure on them

If you have a hardy four-legged friend at home right now, don’t panic. Advertisements are rare. These are a last resort if the owner is unreasonable. “When an animal like that comes into the clinic, we first have a frank conversation and develop a feeding plan,” Fizzi said.


Do you have pets?

Yes, it’s a boy or a dog.


No, I’m not much of an animal fan.


Of course, sometimes good advice goes unheeded. “Some people can’t stand criticism and simply change their ways. The more pressure you put on yourself as a veterinarian, the more likely you are to lose patients.”

That’s a problem. That’s because applying pressure or even complaining increases the inhibition threshold. “Such conflicts of interest also exist between acquaintances, neighbors and family members.” They often say nothing because they too want to keep the peace.

Nevertheless, “advertisements have appeared in recent years.”

Fat animals could become an even bigger problem in the future

Experts are concerned that the obesity problem could get worse. Here’s why: “Animals whose owners themselves are overweight often become overweight. The proportion of overweight people continues to increase, and our animals may be affected more often.

If the family moves too little, the animals automatically move too little. Additionally, many people pass on their eating habits to their four-legged friends. People who know what it means to go hungry on a diet have more compassion for animals that beg.

Katharina Staub, veterinarian in canton Schwyz, adds: They worry that if the animal asks for food and they don’t give it to them, the animal will not like them as much. ”

Certain animals are more commonly affected

Fizzi said elderly animals are also repeatedly victimized, especially in urban areas. “Leashes are mandatory almost everywhere over there, so dogs rarely get to run around freely. If you get stuck too much, you often can’t move your dog enough.”


Would you tell your best friend that her breasts are too big?

Of course, it’s about animal welfare.


No, it would be unpleasant for me – after all, she would still be offended.


Basically, all pets can become overweight. Indoor cats are especially affected, but pet birds, pigs, and various dog breeds are also affected. “For example, people have short noses that prevent them from breathing well. As a result, they also want to move less.”

Staub adds: “Labradors typically eat almost anything. If owners are inconsistent with such dogs, the consequences can be fatal.” The problem with indoor cats is getting food. You don’t need to do anything for it. It is better to use so-called activity feeding, which involves eating in a playful manner.

Summary: If you have an overweight pet at home, you should always seek veterinary advice. You should also ask your friends who have large four-legged friends about this. This can save the animal a lot of pain.

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