May 21, 2024

Rude behavior at an animal shelter in North Rhine-Westphalia!

As the night shift workers at the animal shelter in Cologne-Zolstock made their rounds on Sunday morning (5 May), a bitter realization struck them. “There was a break-in in the middle of the night!” The culprits didn’t want money, they took the confiscated dogs with them.

Animal shelter in North Rhine-Westphalia: dog stolen from kennel at night

Just hours after the bitter realization that their dog named Hades was no longer with them, an animal shelter in North Rhine-Westphalia is appealing for help on Facebook.

A 6-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier mix was intentionally stolen between Saturday and Sunday night. “The robbers cut through the outside fence, entered the play area, cut through the inside fence, entered the dog kennel area, and then cut a hole in Hades’ dog kennel and took him. “Everything happened without us noticing anything unusual and we only discovered the theft later,” the employees wrote in the post.

Hades was at the facility for security purposes, meaning the owner either violated animal protection laws or did not have the proper permits to keep a listed dog like Hades. do. The man had recently been released for adoption.

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Animal shelter in North Rhine-Westphalia: ‘Maybe someone got the dog back’

The Cologne Zolstock Animal Shelter says the police are involved. Nevertheless, we are seeking information regarding the invasion and Hades’ whereabouts. “We hope he is well and comes back unharmed.”

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Some Facebook commenters think they know where Hades is. “Someone must have taken the dog home,” one woman wrote. “From the ‘good’ side, someone has taken an animal home and committed a crime because of it. He probably loves his dog. I wish nothing but the best for the dog. I wonder if he (perhaps editor’s note) could have met the requirements to be able to keep it, but we’ll never know what’s really going on. No,” says another comment.

But there are other opinions, such as one woman’s. I sincerely hope that Hades is found soon and unharmed and released from the hands of such people.” Probably a loud flex – no noise was heard. The facility in North Rhine-Westphalia has not yet commented on this.

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