May 18, 2024

Flying in a plane with your owner is a dream for many dogs. That’s because our four-legged friends usually have to fly in dog crates in the ship’s hold. Many four-legged friends, as well as their owners, do not like this.

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Don’t want to miss any more news? Get the Today app. reports that a new U.S. airline is trying to infringe on this. Berkair is said to be the first airline for dogs. Four-legged friends are allowed to fly on board with their owners. The project is scheduled to celebrate its first flight on May 23rd. Bark Inc., which sells pet supplies, is the company behind DogAirline.

Bark Air’s website says the flight experience was designed from the ground up for dogs. The goal is for Furball to be relaxed and able to fly. There are many amenities for your four-legged friends, which you can also see in the advertising video. For example, there is hearing protection, a play area, and snacks on board. Of course, there’s also food for your four-legged friends.

In this case, being dog-friendly unfortunately also means being unsuitable for children. Because the minimum age to board the ship is 126 years old. However, it depends on the dog’s age. In terms of human life, this means that anyone under the age of 18 cannot fly on an airplane.

limited destinations and expensive tickets

But where does the airline actually fly? So far, there are only two airlines: Los Angeles-New York and New York-London. However, he only connects twice a month. But there are many more destinations.

But first you have to be able to afford a luxury flight ticket to Vero. Taking a domestic flight from Los Angeles to New York with a dog along with a human will cost you a whopping 6,000 US dollars, or about 5,450 francs. If you want to fly from London to the east coast of the United States, you’ll pay 8,000 USD (about 7,270 francs). The size of the airline has been cited as a reason for the high prices. Bark Air offers space for 10 passengers per flight. The goal here is to be able to reduce prices in the future by renting larger aircraft.

Self-testing as a foundation

The reason the company wants to offer luxury flights for dogs is quite unusual. According to the “Boing Boing” portal, Matt Meeker, CEO of the pet accessories company, tested the pet for several hours in a transport box in the cargo hold. His close, dark and noisy experience had a huge impact on him and the idea for a dog airline was born.

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