May 27, 2024

A dog in a luxury car: the perfect nightmare for some people, given the pounded leather, gnawed furniture, tons of scattered tufts of fur, and interesting smells. But for furry fans, it’s the most normal thing in the world. And since the latter group usually does not skimp on money when it comes to the perfect comfortable experience for Wauzi, Genesis has this time developed a particularly elaborate velohe castle, Genesis X-Dog, for the trunk of the electric SUV GV70.

extraflauschiges photo models

Eleven, a female Cocker Spaniel known as Elle, appeared as a super fluffy photo model in the special equipment made of elegant beige vegan leather. Pond bath. Elle is also “a nervous traveler, but she likes to listen to relaxing music,” Genesis continued. You can build on it.

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Endurance test of Genesis Electrified GV70
Test the electric GV70 in daily life

The result is Genesis GV70, a complete built-in solution for sounding like a hotel suite. The X Dog features a heated dog cushion with ambient lighting, a built-in shower, an electric hair dryer, and a Bluetooth wireless sound system. The Genesis X Dog system also includes a personalized dog collar with a safety harness and an expandable aluminum and carbon fiber ramp for easy access to the trunk.

Shower and hair dryer for your spoiled four-legged friend

The GV70 powers the shower water pump (tank capacity 6 liters) and Pelzi hair dryer via the onboard electrical system. It can also supply up to 3.7 kW of power to other AC consumers via V2L equipment. Dogs can also only see a very limited spectrum of colors, but the lighting around them gives them a total of 100 possible colors (to their owners’ delight).

It is not yet official whether Genesis will offer the X Dog package as an option. First of all, the manufacturer will be touring the UK to introduce the concept to dog lovers. Genesis Studios in Battersea and Westfield will have dedicated dog wellness areas.


A more beautiful life with an electric vehicle: Genesis addresses this with luxury amenities as a rolling oasis of happiness for your four-legged friend. Series production is not yet planned, but that may change soon. The brand is currently on a promotional tour with the Dog X system, which will definitely bring in a lot of customers.

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