May 20, 2024

  2. even more animals

Animals can also be amazingly stupid. If your kind nature is captured at the right time, it will make our day fuller.

Two cats looking through the fence
1/15“Have you seen it yet? Now the house next door has a pool. Are they even allowed to do that? © Emma Beardsmore/Comedy Pets
dog playing in the snow
2/15Do you know Carl Douglas’ 1974 pop song “Kung Fu Fighting”? Tip: Listen, look at the pictures, and enjoy. “This photo was taken in Toggenburg. I threw some snowballs and my dog ​​enthusiastically chased them and jumped on me,” says the photographer. © Sylvia Michel/Comedy Pet
cat stuck in the gap
3/15“A cat in a trap. It’s like the Super Mario video game.” Cats’ special anatomy allows them to slip through even the narrowest gaps. ©Kenichi Morinaga/Comedy Pets
A dog with a funny hairstyle looks into the camera
4/15“When can you finally eat breakfast? © Lock Liu/Comedy Pets”
Two cats are playing with a roll of toilet paper.
5/15It seems like a natural division of labor. One person pulls and the other holds him. Both of them are really trying their best. ©Atsuyuki Oshima/Comedy Pets
horse jumps into the sky
6/15“There was a mouse. I’m absolutely sure of it.” This beautiful, sporty gelding loves to fly above the ground. This is one of the many jumps he makes. ©Debbie Thomas/Comedy Pets
dog trying to catch soap bubbles
7/15“Where, where, where are you going?” says the photographer. “My sister’s cockapoo, Shelby, loves chasing bubbles. She doesn’t always find them, but she still jumps everywhere.” © Philippa Huber/Comedy Pets
Two cats are sitting next to each other.
8/15“I’m going to tell you one thing now. But you didn’t ask me that, right? ©Kenichi Morinaga/Comedy Pets
A dog got stuck in a cat flap.
9/15With cat flaps, the dog loses a little perspective. You can smell what’s going on outside. “Hector saw a cat do it. So he wanted to try it too. “But the cat looked easier,” says the photographer. ©Sarah Haskell/Comedy Pet
cat hanging on a ribbon
10/15Johnny Weissmuller couldn’t have done the vine-to-vine swing better in Tarzan. © Kazutoshi Ohno/Comedy Pets
two cats walk behind each other
11/15“Oops, sorry.” ©Tomoaki Tanto/Comedy Pets
white dog in the snow
12/15“Shall we play hide and seek? © Sylvia-Michel/Comedy Pets”
Owner and dog on the beach
13/15It’s great to have the same beautician take care of your hair. © Julia Illig/Comedy Pets
cat with stuffed animal
14/15“Who are you now?” © Silvia Jiang/Comedy Pets
The horse stands in the pasture and turns his head back.
15/15“Where have I been today?” © David Kertzman/Comedy Pets

A cat stuck in a wall, a headless horse, and lots of funny dogs. The 30 finalists for the Comedy Pet Photo Awards have been announced. Organizers say the photos are “absolutely hilarious and over-the-top” and are “a happy, positive, comforting no-nonsense delight.”

All 30 2024 finalists will participate in the public voting, and you can also vote for your favorite. Voting begins on May 10th and ends on June 2nd. We would like to introduce you to a small selection.

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