May 20, 2024

Drunk cyclist falls over, dog rams into bike // Ochesen | News

police report

Police were alerted by Lorne.
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May 10, 2024 / Lorne (Bavaria)
Drunk bicycle fall accident

Timelovs. A 43-year-old bicyclist fell on a dirt road near Detter on Thursday evening. The cause of his inability to drive was quickly determined. A blood sample had to be taken because the bicyclist’s blood alcohol level was above his 1.4 per mil. Once the blood levels are confirmed, the recreational athlete will have to answer for drunk driving. Fortunately, he only sustained minor injuries in the fall.

dog crashes into bicycle

Bad Bruckenau. Another cyclist also took advantage of the great Father’s Day weather to go on a short trip. But what I didn’t expect was for an off-leash dog to suddenly run into my e-bike. The 54-year-old reacted quickly, but the fall was no longer inevitable. The cyclist sustained only a few scrapes because he was wearing a helmet. There was approximately 300 euros worth of damage to his electric bike. The golden retriever was scared. Currently, it is not him but the owner who is facing criminal charges for negligent injury.

rear window was broken

Bad Bruckenau. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the rear window of a red Volvo was broken on Ernst Putzstrasse. Therefore, the owner of the vehicle filed a criminal complaint against the unidentified person for the property damage accident. Bad Brückenau Police is appealing for relevant information on number 09741/606-0. +++


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