May 20, 2024

Kingsbury (England) – couple inside EnglandCockapoo during fear attack of others dog Literally “torn up” with unbelievable backlog of veterinary bills.

Puppy Ruby underwent hours of surgery. The four-legged friend has now returned home. Treatment costs are huge. ©

Lynn Holdom, 64, and Alan Bamford, 75, are now looking to mortgage their home to pay the amount. Otherwise, they will be forced to sell their properties, reports the Daily Mail.

The puppy was attacked on April 27 by the couple’s daughter, Kayleigh Holdham, while she was walking in a park in the village of Kingsbury, Warwickshire. The other one is a Jack Russell mix. Not on a leash!

He reportedly grabbed Ruby, shook her and bit her. The dog’s intestines were literally torn out and the bones in his back were broken.

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“It was absolutely horrible,” Holdom said. She is convinced that the mutt tried to kill her pet. “Maybe he thought Ruby was a rabbit or something,” she added.

The daughter was unable to frighten her other four-legged friend and was left “completely hopeless” with a bloody wound to one hand.

It is not yet known how the couple will pay for veterinary fees. (Symbol image) ©

They both took their furry friend to the vet, who was bleeding profusely. Ruby had her tongue sticking out of her mouth. “We were heartbroken when the vet called us and asked if we should euthanize this child,” Holdom continued.

She and Bamford refused to euthanize the 16-week-old puppy after the horrific incident. Instead, Ruby was stitched back together in a major overnight surgery and taken to intensive care.

“We couldn’t do that because she was so sweet. We had to give her a chance. You can’t just take the life of someone who fought so hard for it.” Holdom said. Ruby was finally able to return to her home on Tuesday.

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By May 8, veterinary costs for life-sustaining measures had totaled £23,000 (equivalent to around €26,700). It remains to be seen how the couple will pay for the high cost. He now has to take out a loan for his house. Her daughter has also set up a fundraising page on her

Warwickshire Police confirmed they are investigating a case where a pet was “suspected to have been attacked by an off-leash dog”. The couple said the four-legged friend involved in the attack continued to roam the streets and could not be euthanized.

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