May 20, 2024

Smart helpers have become an essential part of our daily lives, such as fitness trackers, smart watches, and of course smartphones. Now they have also come to the animal world. Here are his 12 practical tools for your four-legged best friend.

We have a huge selection of gadgets for dogs, from the funny to the crazy to the truly practical. He presents twelve practical helpers for mankind’s best friend, whom we limit to wise men.

1. Smart Toy

If you know you have a lot of work to do at your office or home office today, Wicked Bone allows you to entertain your furry best friend while you do it (Image 1). Cheerble’s Wicked Bones can be controlled via the app. Bones are controlled manually like in the game. Alternatively, the dog toy has 3 modes and he has 9 different movements to choose from.

Photo 1: Giving the dog a bone…


Need to join a video conference? No problem. Switches the bone to integrated autoplay mode. This means your animal friends can play together independently. According to the manufacturer, the bones respond to touch and the intelligent emotional logic reacts to the dog. The toy is made from damage-resistant polycarbonate, is non-toxic, and charges via a USB port.

2. For relaxation

Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks? Or is he almost unable to be left at home alone? Developed in collaboration with veterinarians and animal therapists, whether you want to tackle the above problems or whether your dog doesn’t like driving, has anxiety attacks or is constantly barking The RelaxoPet Pro sound module is worth a try (Figure 2).

Image 2: Anti-stress medication for four-legged friends


This device works with frequent (subconscious) vibrations that induce deep unconscious relaxation in your dog. The author reports from his own experience that it takes several days to get used to it. I especially like the timer function. If you leave the device running for 4 hours while you are away, it will automatically turn off. Noise motion feature is useful for restless animals. When turned on, when Wuffi is home alone and starts barking, the built-in microphone will automatically activate and his sound module will be switched on. More information can be found in his detailed PCtipp test at the link

Note: RelaxoPet Pro for Dogs is intended for use on dogs only. Of course, animal relaxation trainers are not a substitute for dog training or veterinary consultation. There is another version of his RelaxoPet Pro for cats.

3. Digital Watchdog

Your dog is (too) friendly and very relaxed. And instead of scaring away thieves with a scary cry, do you greet them with a wag of your tail? Even if you live on the ground floor or own a home, you can use Elro’s “electronic security dog” to scare away uninvited guests (Figure 3).

Photo 3: Elro – When a real dog is quiet


The electronic guard dog emits an alarm signal when it detects movement and realistic dog barking. This device is equipped with smart sensors that use radar technology. According to the manufacturer, this detects movement through windows, doors, and walls. Range can be adjusted up to 16 meters. The volume can be adjusted from 70 to 120 decibels. In addition to dog barking sounds, you can also choose a police alarm or door signal (ping-dong).

4. Mobile water server

Do you like going hiking or camping with your furry friend? Next, it’s important that they have enough water to drink (Figure 4). For small dogs, Swisspet or Canareen, for example, offer on-the-go drinking bottles. Swisspet’s portable travel drinks are available in two sizes: 250ml and 500ml.

Photo 4: Always have enough water for Uffi


For larger dogs, drinking bottles with a capacity of 500 milliliters or larger are suitable. For example, his M&MKPET dog water bottle (550ml) for going out or his LumoLeaf dog water bottle (800ml; LumoLeaf chooses his 2-in-1 design. Simply flip the “leaf” over to form a water bowl. You can control the water flow using the quick release button.

5. For adventurers

You can attach an action camera to the holder of the dog harness “GoPro Fetch”. Figure 5: There are two mounting options: chest and back. Dogs can swim, play, and dig in the dirt without any problems. The dog harness is adjustable to fit small, medium, and large dogs from 7 to 54 kilograms. The chest holder is removable for small dogs. The holder is made of washable, water-compatible material. Suitable for DJI and GoPro products.

Image 5: Dog as photographer


6. Dog Nanny

Anyone who wants to get their dog used to being alone may be familiar with this. When he returned home, his apartment was trashed. The furry nose is sleeping peacefully in the cage. Indeed, we don’t need Sherlock Holmes to catch the culprit. But if you want to see exactly what was going on before your dog destroyed your belongings, Furbo’s dog camera, for example, can help (Figure 6).

Image 6: Watching eyes “Furbo 360° dog camera”


360 degree camera provides HD video quality. Two-way audio lets you hear what’s happening at home and talk to your family at home. The Furbo camera also has a convenient treat ejector. Additionally, Furbo’s bark sensor detects your dog’s barking and sends a push notification to your smartphone. Other features are only available with a paid subscription.

7. Weight loss aid

Yes, it’s hard to resist those loyal puppy-like big eyes. The treat quickly travels from his hands to his nose.

Image 7: Prevents the mop from turning into a roll mop


But while treats can be very helpful when training a puppy, young dog, or rescue dog, just like with humans, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Overweight dogs have a higher risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and joint disease.

But technology also has a supporting effect and can be helpful here. For example, the ‘PitPat Dog Activity Monitor’ allows you to track your caloric intake and the gadget provides accurate feeding recommendations (Figure 7). The PitPat gadget can be attached to any collar and also allows for real-time location tracking.

8. Activity tracker

Tractive offers a GPS tracker for dogs (and cats) that you can use to locate your pet (Figure 8). Live location can be viewed via the app. Runaway alarm can also be set. Additionally, the Tractive DOG 4 GPS tracker records information about your sleep and activity, and also provides health alerts to identify potential problems early. If you want to spend more time outside: There’s also an Adventure Edition for dogs over 22 kg. In addition to the cost of the tracker, there is a monthly subscription fee (starting from CHF 6 per month, depending on the basic or premium subscription).

Photo 8: Find out where your furry friends are playing


9. For fitness

If you don’t want to toss a ball for long periods of time, there are ball-throwing machines such as the iFetch Ball Launcher (Figure 9). The ball can be inserted by either his two-legged friend or his four-legged friend. The fun begins when the machine throws a mini tennis ball (about the size of a golf ball). You can change the projection distance.

Photo 9: Stay alert for your four-legged friends


The iFetch ball launcher is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. Ball throwing machines operate on electricity or batteries. Owner supervision is recommended.

10. Automatic feeder

If you (have to) go away for a few days and your furry best friend isn’t allowed to come along, an automatic feeder may come in handy. Of course, only if someone comes over multiple times a day and takes over walking the dog. Nevertheless, it may be practical to remotely control, adjust, and monitor feeding schedules. PetSafe’s ‘Smart Feed WiFi’ feeder allows you to control feeding via the app (Figure 10).

Photo 10: Automatically feeding Wuffi


A feeding level sensor automatically notifies you when feeding levels are low. According to the manufacturer, the power schedule will be respected even if the WiFi connection is interrupted and the feeder goes offline. This gadget is suitable for both dry and semi-moist food. You can set up to 12 meals with portion sizes ranging from 29 to 964 milliliters per day. If you have multiple dogs at home: The Pet Safe Food Divider & Bowl allows you to feed two dogs at the same time (sold separately). By the way, some automatic feeder models from other manufacturers have built-in cameras.

11. Magic Chain

Even if your dog is available and can normally run free, if a dog on a leash approaches you, you should keep it on the leash. Some dog owners waste time calling their dog back, picking up the dog’s leash, and fiddling with the carabiner.

Photo 11: The dog is quickly put on the leash.


This is exactly where Goleygo comes in (Figure 11). The innovative dog leash works with a magnetic click system, allowing Wuffi to quickly attach and detach the leash. In addition to the 2 meter long adjustable leash, the accessories also include a matching collar. Goreigo is available in S size and L size.

12. Against dog hair

Photo 12: Keeping the apartment clean


Do you want to keep your house sparkling clean and use your Dyson vacuum cleaner? But now you have a new furry friend that you love, but unfortunately he has left you with long hair. That’s what pet care attachments are for. The Hermex Alternative Fur Brush Dyson Animal Hair Brush aims to revolutionize the way you brush your dog. Hair gets sucked in while brushing.

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