May 27, 2024

Wild animals are currently giving birth and raising their young. Therefore, the so-called breeding and establishment season lasts until the end of July. The City of Viersen is calling for caution and asking people not to disturb the animals in their natural shelter.

This can quickly lead to fatal consequences. “If a dog chases a wild animal, it may panic and potentially injure itself as it tries to escape,” the spokesperson explained. Wild animals have died many times from dog bites. Particular attention should be paid to fawns dropped by does. “When a dog approaches, the fawn does not run away and remains lying down. Even if the dog sniffs or nudges the fawn, the fawn absorbs the dog’s scent, making it unacceptable to the doe. There is a danger.”

Leashes are required in nature reserves. All dogs there must be leashed. There are strict travel restrictions. This means people and dogs must use approved trails.

Viersen also points out that access to areas such as forest crops, as well as hunting, beekeeping and pond management facilities, is not allowed. There, people and dogs are only allowed to use approved trails.

Dogs are allowed to run freely only on forest roads outside of nature reserves. A city spokesperson emphasizes, “The premise is that the influence of those accompanying them is guaranteed.” Dogs that do not follow their hunting instincts must be kept on a leash.

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