May 27, 2024

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Known for his fearless courage, this terrier was responsible for removing rodents and snakes from Australian farms. Currently, this small dog can be found in apartments in the city and faithfully and confidently guards it.

Featuressize: 25-28cm
weight: 5.5~6.5kg
Average life: 12-15 years old
Fur length: medium length
Fur color: red, sandy, tan-blue
Suitable for: companion and guard dog
Sports: Agility and obedience training
Exercise needs: Moderate
Saber’s potential: small amount
Hair thickness: Moderate
If you live with other pets: rather inappropriate

Origin and history

The Australian Terrier, as its name suggests, originates from Australia. In the 19th century, they were bred to hunt rats and snakes on farms and mines in this country. He also took care of the sheep in the flock and could skillfully jump from one sheep to another. It is closely related to other terrier breeds such as the Cairn Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier.

personality, personality traits, temperament

He is considered to be an active, intelligent and especially brave dog. He is loyal to his people and can be an excellent watchdog. He is wary of strangers and announces them, often barking loudly. Despite his small body, he has great self-confidence and can therefore be bold. Respect for large animals may be foreign to him.

education and attitude

Raising an Australian Terrier requires consistency and patience. They are smart and eager to learn, but they are also very independent and need the right balance between obedience and freedom. They need proper exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and balanced. With suitable employment, it is also suitable to continue living in a city apartment.


Australian Terriers are active and love to work and play outside. They remain playful even into old age. Despite their small size, they can run very fast and jump surprisingly high.


Like most hunters, the Australian Terrier, despite being small and short, has powerful propulsion from its hind legs. He was also very skilled, which became evident when shepherding sheep and performing balancing movements on his back.


Australian Terriers do not require extensive care. If possible, never bathe the hair so that it remains bristly. They need to be trimmed three to four times a year, removing the tough upper hairs.


They are considered to be strong, resilient, and healthy dogs. However, if you don’t exercise enough, you need to watch your weight.

Pros and cons


  • loyal and loving companion
  • intelligent and willing to learn
  • Suitable for apartments
  • strong and healthy


  • Be careful when keeping other small pets, such as guinea pigs or mice.

ideal owner

Suitable for individuals and families who have the time and energy to keep their dog fully occupied. As a faithful companion, it is also suitable for people living in urban apartments.

Interesting information

They were originally bred on Australian farms to hunt mice, mice, rabbits, and small predators. But they also hunted threats like snakes in the dark, narrow tunnels of the mines.

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