May 27, 2024

Harmony between humans and dogs: this is the goal of our club. Regarding the relationship between dog trainers and their dogs, as well as regarding dog behavior in daily life, Gerhard Mühlfriedel (75), a certified trainer at the Bavarian Dog Sports Association, says, “Dogs are not allowed to enter pedestrian zones.” Don’t leave anything behind.” . “This must be clear to both the dog and the leader.” Aggression must be taboo for both parties, the dog must not be used as a weapon and must not be provoked under any circumstances. yeah. All this is a prerequisite for owning a dog to prove its presence in everyday life and take a proper place in society.

Nest or Wings: Membership in the club is not required

Membership is generally not a prerequisite for receiving a solid education. Franz Hummer, the first chairman, explains: “Both humans and dogs have already learned a lot, but the word ‘fully learned’ would be a foreign word in this context,” he says. The more confident the duo is, the more resilient they will be to critical situations in their daily lives. It is important for the club to communicate its discoveries for the harmonious coexistence of humans, dogs and society to interested parties. He speaks warmly. It would be even better if this develops into a new club friendship, ensuring that everyone in charge can trust us without any moral pressure.

From guard dog to pet dog: dog sports club through the ages

While these basic settings have always worked well for me thus far, the nature of evening practice has changed significantly over the past few decades. This is about dog breeds and their characteristics. “At first, I was surrounded by German shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and boxers,” Hummer says. At first, the focus was on training to become protection dogs and watchdogs, but “at the time, I also took on night patrols at festival events with my friends.”

Nowadays, Labradors, redrivers, and mixed breeds are the most common breeds. Elvira Forssell got her first dog, a mixed breed from Crete, seven years ago. “She wanted to go on a camping holiday in a motorhome because she was so active,” the 56-year-old recalls. She had no experience with owning a dog yet, so she was taught how we should behave, demand obedience, retrieve things, and not eat anything off the ground without permission. Today the students understood what it means to “make a puddle.”

Fosel returns to practice sessions every Wednesday. The clubhouse is nice and the practice field is “no dog trace.” As she says, friends. She is the only one left. She feels comfortable here and feels like it’s her place. Once a year, they both participate in a voluntary companion dog exam and look forward to seeing how their skills are evaluated by a neutral organization.

Like all of the approximately 30 current club members, Forzell is already looking forward to the big day of commemoration. A service will be held at 10:30 a.m. on June 2nd, with a large celebration scheduled to begin at lunchtime. About food and drinks. The afternoon means a free stage for demonstrations by the Bamberg Police Sports Club. V., Dog Sports Division, Jubilarian’s long-time sponsoring club.

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