May 27, 2024

Alberta (Canada) – Is it really the same dog? Whenever a male boat captain sees a river in his home province of Alberta, Canada, he has to jump in. Full of joy, this four-legged friend forgets everything around him and jumps around like a wild man. However, when I take a bath at home, I feel like a completely different person.Last month, the owner posted a video tick tock I posted it so the difference is clear. I’ve had a lot of laughs ever since!

Pure joy in life: The male captain really enjoys bathing in the river. © Image montage: TikTok/Screenshots/trent.and.captain

In the clip (see below), we first get a look at the lighter side of the captain’s life. In nature, they love cold water. Next comes the cut. The poor dog is sitting in front of the bathroom at home, knowing what is waiting for him.

He looks at his owner with a look that is probably where the term “dog look” was originally coined. However, no matter how depressed he seems, the Captain ends up in the bathtub, where he looks even sadder.

The video hit the audience like a bomb. It has received more than 6 million clicks and 1.3 million likes so far.

A dog is wandering on the street with a broken leg.And then the miracle of the wedding happens.

The comments section will clarify why this is the case.


Male captain’s TikTok video goes viral and brings tears of laughter

The Captain makes the most disgruntled puppy look on his face before going to the bathroom. Millions of TikTok users can laugh at it. © TikTok/screenshot/trent.and.captain

“The response to this video has been amazing. Looking at the comments, it seems like dogs all over the world are supporting this video because so many dog ​​owners can relate to it,” said owner Trent Jackson. 42) told Newsweek this week.

His four-legged friend always hates baths and when he has to get into the bathtub again, his face is filled with fear. “But he’s totally into the river and loves pulling sticks out of the bottom. I swear he’s a bit of a beaver sometimes,” Jackson said.

But the 4-year-old Captain isn’t afraid to reveal his true feelings. He would regularly transform into a “completely different dog” in the bathroom.

A woman wants to relax in the bathtub, but the dog’s plan ends up in tears of laughter.

Millions of users can enjoy it, but their furry friends can only grit their teeth when they have to endure a bath again in the future.

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