May 21, 2024

Graz – A dog owner ended up locking up three dogs while enjoying a fun vacation. dog He ran away to his apartment and left her to her sad fate.

One of the rottweilers who fell into trouble after being rescued. © Noah’s Ark

Two Rottweilers and a husky are kept in separate rooms and not given enough food. Animal rights activists and police found appalling conditions in an apartment in Austria.

Two severely emaciated male dogs and a female dog were rescued from their own feces in the eastern state of Styria, animal protection group Arch Noah said on Thursday.

Photos of numerous scratches on the door and torn pillows on the floor show how hard the animals tried to escape the death sentence.

A dog suddenly appears on the farm: What happens to him there shakes the hearts of many people.

When helpers arrived after receiving the emergency call, the food and water containers were long empty. The dog’s feces and urine turned the premises into a foul-smelling nest.

Fortunately, rescuers arrived just in time. The furry friends are doing well at the rescue center “under the circumstances” but are still “very scared”.

It’s still unclear what consequences owners of unworthy dogs will face when they return from a relaxing vacation.

I hope the dogs never have to go back to her.

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