May 21, 2024

Rostock. The Gensch family, who live in Rostock, have been looking for a spacious apartment at an affordable price for several years, but so far in vain. Is it because of her two dogs, Maya, an American bulldog, and Roxy, a retro French bulldog?

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“Experience has shown that it is difficult for prospective tenants with dogs to find an apartment,” declares Kai Uwe Glaus, Managing Director of the Rostock Tenants Association. When there are many applicants for a vacant rental apartment, the tenants tend to decide not to keep a dog.

Kai Uwe Glaus, managing director of Rostock’s Tenants Association, says the rental market discriminates against dog owners.

“This is a form of discrimination and is not covered by the precedents of the Federal Court of Justice,” Kai-Uwe Glaus said. This is because it says that landlords cannot ban dogs across the board. Rather, there is a reservation of permission. This means that landlords can require dog owners to obtain the consent of all tenants.

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You need to inform your co-tenants about the dog in the house

The Gensch family currently lives in an 88 square meter apartment in Lichtenhagen. The neighbor gave permission to keep the dog. From the beginning, it was important to the owners that the other residents of the house felt comfortable with Roxy and Maya.

Richard Gensch also consciously chose these varieties. “American bulldogs were bred to be kept in homes as family dogs,” he explains. “They’re open to people, their hunting instincts aren’t as pronounced, and they’re really gentle. As if to prove that, Maya puts her head in his lap.”

Richard Gensch purchased Maya (left) and Roxy to support his children. His son was likely autistic and his daughter needed emotional support.

A one and a half year old dog knows the rules of the house. That means don’t sit on the couch. Maya also needs to be trained as a therapy dog ​​because the family’s 6-year-old son may have autism. My eldest daughter’s emotional support is 5-year-old Roxy.

The two dogs also know that outside is their activity space, and inside there is no running around or making noise. “Living in an apartment is fine if the dog is steady. Scratching and barking happen when a dog is afraid of losing control,” explains the qualified fitness teacher .

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dogs can cause damage to your home

Kai-Uwe Glause does not believe that damage such as dog paws scratching the parquet is a valid reason to ban dogs in rental properties, as there are many signs of use inside the apartment. To avoid being at a disadvantage when looking for an apartment, Kai-Uwe Glaus advises not to put your cards on the table right away. “Whether you have a dog or not, your ability to pay doesn’t change.”

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Matthias Zierasko, vice chairman of Haus und Grund Rostock, takes a more critical view. “Dogs are not without problems. “Dogs make noise and can be rejected by other tenants as well.” Apartments can be affected by contamination, and “dogs scratch at doors. ” Matias Zierasco understands both positions. Nevertheless, he believes prospective tenants should let them know about their dogs from the beginning to ensure a good rental agreement.

Willo will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to allow dogs.

At the Rostock housing company Wiro, which dogs can be placed where depends on each individual case. The type and size of the apartment and animals, as well as the interests of the family, play an important role. Willo is complying with the federal court’s requirements, spokeswoman Kirsten Crane said.

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“If you want to keep a dog in a rented apartment, you must first get the consent of the landlord. The tenant will informally ask for a photo of the dog, its name, age, and proof of liability insurance. Then , we take all interests into account, and of course take into account the tenant’s special needs, for example if they require a service dog or a guide dog.”


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