May 18, 2024

The unwell and helpless dog was found by a passerby in Wörsee in Burghausen (Altötting district) on Wednesday. they called the police. It is unclear how the four-legged friend got into this situation.

Around 1:30 pm on Wednesday, a passerby alerted Burghausen police after finding a helpless and possibly injured dog in Wersee.

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Burghausen police said in a press release that the dog was found at the scene lying unwell in the bushes. With the help of fire brigade ropes, the dog was held until staff from the Vinhering Animal Shelter arrived. He was taken to an animal shelter where he is being cared for.

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The dog’s owner is not yet known, nor is it known how the dog ended up in this situation. Burghausen police said the animal was a black mixed breed that was half the height of a Labrador and resembled a Labrador in appearance.


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