May 20, 2024

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CHENGDU, CHINA - OCTOBER 22: A chow chow dog painted to look like a giant panda is seen at a pet cafe
A Chow Chow breed dog depicted as a panda (iconic image) in a cafe in Chengdu, China, 2022. © IMAGO/VCG

Special attraction or fake? An animal believed to be a baby panda has attracted tens of thousands of tourists in China. The zoo was advertising a “panda dog.”

Taizhou – Small, fluffy and cute: baby animals are a crowd-puller at zoos. This is especially true when it comes to animal species that are on the verge of extinction. A purported baby panda that drew thousands of visitors to a zoo in Taizhou, China, turned out to be a dog with dyed fur. It’s not a new trick, but it’s still one that has caused outrage.

“Fake panda”?Chinese zoo recolors baby dog ​​to become national animal

Baby pandas are always a sensation at zoos. Females are considered picky eaters and can only reproduce for a few days a year.It is emphasized that if the bear is indeed pregnant, the survival of the offspring is never guaranteed. national geographic. Therefore, newborn pandas are especially helpless and require care. Female pandas often give birth to twins. Taizhou Zoo featured two “panda” cubs in a May 1 video. New Straits Times Viral gin.

However, the recording immediately raised questions on social media.Angry visitor insisted authorities report Sun They say the zoo led them to believe they were pandas.The accusations could not be independently verified, the zoo said. Sun It is called “panda dog”. “The Chow Chow dog label is correct and accurately describes what the dog is, so we are not deceiving visitors,” the zoo’s ticket seller said. Global Times. He stressed to employees that there would be no additional charges. The ticket price is worth approximately 2.60 euros.

Zoo turns dogs into pandas: “Humans dye their hair too”

The idea of ​​China’s black-and-white fake national animal is not new, and neither is the outrage surrounding it. In Chengdu, China, a cafe owner recolored the fur of a baby dog ​​of the Chow Chow breed in 2022. Animal protection group Peta pointed out several years ago that fur dyeing can be dangerous to animals. As an example, the organization cited the case of a dog with severe burns.

The cafe’s owner stressed at the time that the dye imported from Japan did not pose a threat to the animals’ health. CNN Travel report. According to independent information, the Taizhou city zoo also has animal welfare in mind, and zoo officials said they were unable to bring in real pandas because the space was too small. new strait era.The idea for dog coloring books is said to have come from the Internet Sun Even further away. “Ordinary people dye their hair, too,” the employee reassured.

Another zoo in China recently faced allegations that people were dressing up as bears in its enclosure.noisy NBC News However, the zoo rejected these claims.

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