May 27, 2024

The team at the animal shelter in Nordhausen (Thuringia) may not be enviable. They are basically on the front lines fighting for their disciples and witness the sad fate of animals almost every week. Unfortunately, the story of Egon the Dog is no different.

His carers are confident he will be a “really great companion”. Who would give a dog in an animal shelter in Thuringia a chance to go home?

Animal shelter in Thuringia: a sad fate

“Egon is a 7-year-old Kvash and things haven’t been easy for him lately,” the animal shelter said on its Facebook page. Until recently he lived on a farm owned by his previous owner. The area itself was too small for a typical pack protection dog. What was especially painful was that he was completely alone at the end. His owner moved away and left Egon behind.

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Of course, animal lovers can hardly imagine such cruelty. For experienced caretakers at Nordhausen Animal Shelter, such stories are sadly part of everyday life. For her, it is even more important that Egon finally finds a forever home. But it should be the right thing to do.

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β€œHe is in urgent need of a large area of ​​land where he can be cared for and comfortable,” the animal shelter explains. Of course, you should not neglect intimacy with your new family. Anyone familiar with this breed knows that Kvash can sometimes be a little suspicious of strangers. It’s no different than Egon. Those who have won his heart will definitely find a loyal companion in Egon.

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If you have any questions about Egon, please contact us at the following number: 03631/900-101 (found on our homepage) during the animal shelter’s normal business hours.

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