May 21, 2024

Fiona Rennie lives with her German Shepherd Bear in the town of Margate in southeast England. She regularly goes for long walks along the coast with stunning views of the North Sea, along with her furry friends. A few days ago, the ocean almost cost her four-legged friend her life.

Late in the evening, the bear suddenly disappeared. At around 10pm, Fiona Rennie searched in vain for her owner, but she soon realized the German shepherd had run away. She tried to find her dog that night using photos on her social media and her search efforts.

German Shepherd swimming in the North Sea

However, there were no bear sightings until the next day. It wasn’t until hours later, in the afternoon, that cautious walkers called the Coast Guard. They discovered the German Shepherd on a rocky outcrop on a cliff in the middle of the North Sea. Passersby even took it upon themselves to save the furry friend, the BBC reports.

When I approached the dog by walking through waist-high water, the dog panicked, jumped back into the water, and swam away. Water rescue teams were then alerted and managed to free the lifeboat and pull it off the cliffs around Botany Bay. A short time later, they discovered their furry friend in shallow water and arrested their four-legged friend.

Dog Bear rescued in water rescue

Meanwhile, the owner’s friend Fiona Rennie was also on the scene, calming down the shy German shepherd and welcoming him in. After members of the water rescue team lowered the dog to safe shore, the dog happily ran into his friend’s arms, clearly happy that the adventure was finally over.

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Judging by where and for how long Bear went missing, he must have traveled about 6 kilometers across the North Sea. The owner is now overjoyed that the German Shepherd has returned safely. There was nothing wrong with him other than a few of his nails were broken and his feet were bloody. He is now recovering at his home and he hopes he won’t run away again anytime soon.

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