May 21, 2024

North Carolina (USA) – Suddenly she was there! Alexandra Waychoff was surprised when the dog showed up at her farm. Waychoff, who lives with his family in a remote part of North Carolina, had never met the furry friend before. She quickly realized that this four-legged friend needed help.

Leia the dog arrives at the farm with only ticks and fleas. She was then given her own collar. ©TikTok/Screenshot/Wildway Ranch

“On Saturday afternoon, May 4th, my family and I were outside working in the garden when she ran out into the driveway,” her mother told Barron’s this week.

The dog, whom they called Leia, had intestinal worms, fleas, and ticks. Additionally, her ankle appeared to have recently recovered from a fracture.

Without hesitation, Waychoff took the dog to the vet. There, Leia was freed from the parasite for the first time. Her American then took her back to her home.

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But what should she do with an unexpected guest?

Alexandra Waychev and her 11-year-old son loved the dog so much that they made a decision. © Image montage: TikTok/Screenshot/wildwayranch

Waychoff just moved to the ranch with his family two years ago and has done a lot of work since then. She already has two dogs. Because of this, nature lovers initially only considered adopting Leia temporarily.

“We’ve really grown to like her, so at least for now we’re going to keep her,” she told US Magazine. The dog particularly impressed her 11-year-old son.

“In fact, she was the first one to run up to him when he arrived, and they seemed to hit it off right away.” Earlier this week, Waychoff posted a video on TikTok showcasing his story with Leia. .

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Of the hundreds of thousands of users who have seen this clip since then, it touched the hearts of many. After that, many people were hoping for Leia’s final happy ending.

Fortunately, Waychoff was able to reassure his audience on Tuesday. “We decided to keep her and give her the best life she wants,” she shared on TikTok.

So Leia chose exactly the right ranch!

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