May 20, 2024

Pforzheim – Bad news from the Pforzheim Animal Shelter: There has been a break-in!

Iris’ doghouse was probably cut open with bolt cutters. © Image montage: Instagram/Pforzheim Animal Shelter

Officials at the animal shelter announced Tuesday night that the dog was stolen from its kennel. There was a break-in the previous evening.

Since then, there has been no trace of Iris, a cream-colored mutt.

This approximately 7-year-old dog is considered dangerous to strangers. In this regard, the animal shelter issued a warning on Instagram: “Iris was stolen without her muzzle on. So please do not approach her like that!”

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Zookeepers suspect the robbers first tried to remove Iris through the too-small hole in the kennel. Finally they broke down the kennel door and got to their four-legged friend.

“Iris came to us with a forfeiture. We did everything we could to make her feel comfortable with us,” it said on social media.

The animal shelter is asking for everyone’s help in bringing Iris home safely. Anyone who sees Iris should call police on this number. 07231 1863211 report.

Many followers expressed their condolences on Wednesday. Some commentators suspect that the animal belonged to its original owner. One user said: “They could have gotten their dog back.”

Another person explains, “Iris seems to be half-white and they’re very private, so someone who knows her well stole that sweetness.”

“Even if you’re on the street, it’s better to be with your owner than to be in prison. Unfortunately, some bureaucrats don’t realize this. There’s simply a lack of expertise and understanding. “There are,” she continued.

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