May 27, 2024

The delivery man is looking for the dog chancellor! Each week leading up to the finals, a winning dog will be chosen who will automatically qualify for the final round. Week 3’s surprise winner is Renee, a 4-year-old Mini American Shepherd. His owner is convinced. She believes her dog is better suited for the job of Canine Chancellor than any other applicant. Kirstin Hartwig reveals why here.

We met Lenny and Kerstin on their daily walk in the park in Spandau. The 4-year-old Mini American Shepherd (Mini Aussie) came to the Hartwig family in 2020, but the family’s older dog had previously passed away. “Once I realized that I couldn’t do without my dog, I searched all over Germany for a long time and found this treasure,” says Kerstin, the owner.

The most beautiful dog in Germany? No-nonsense Lenny likes to learn tricks

After Kerstin discovered the call for a dog chancellor on Facebook, there was no question she would register her Lenny. But what makes him different from the other participating dogs? That’s what we want to ask Kerstin. “He’s always a little shy at first, but he’s actually a self-paced person who loves learning tricks.” His repertoire includes various yoga exercises (for example, he’s perfected the downward dog), ” This includes “making a man” and playing dead.

According to the breeder, he is quite tall for a Mini American Shepherd, towering over his parents and siblings. Perfect conditions to track the dog’s prime minister’s election campaign!

And Kerstin really got the word across. The training group, friends and family enthusiastically voted for Lenny. The 4-year-old male also has his own Instagram page where Reniwouf showcases many of his tricks.

When Lenny asked how he was rewarded for winning Dog Chancellor Week, the results became clear. The male got the good news on his birthday and immediately dismantled two presents to celebrate the day! “He loves taking stuffed animals apart,” Kerstin reveals with a laugh.

Dog with a Heart: Food boxes won will be donated to the animal table

What happens to the box of dog food that I acquired from Doggy Dog? It was donated by the Hartwig family. Leni was suffering from low kidney values, so she only ate home-cooked meals. “We provide food to the Tiatafel Falkensee Sonnensite for Animals, which specifically cares for people in need and their pets,” explains Kerstin. .

Canine Prime Minister Lenny was able to convince many people with such a wonderful photo.

Canine Prime Minister Lenny was able to convince many people with such a wonderful photo.Kirsten Hartwig/Private

Your dog also has the chance to become a dog registrar

Weekly prizes automatically include Lenni Overall vote for Dog Chancellor 2024 part. The 4th Dog Chancellor round is currently underway. In addition to a delicious food package, you also get professional dog training. By the way: You can re-register your furry friend after each weekly round and always have a chance to win!

Even dogs that don’t make it to the top have a good chance of winning. Hundeskanzler jury will choose their favorites from eight possible voting rounds and participate in the final round along with each week’s winners, regardless of the voting results. Participate in Hundeskanzler 2024, vote and win!

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