May 18, 2024

“America, you are doing better!” said Goethe, the god of German poets. Are you kidding me when I say that? After recent dramatic events, the dog and his lover may vehemently object to this. Kristi Noem, the governor of the US state of South Dakota, is hoping to become Donald Trump’s running mate. Before he hurls her infamous “You’re fired” at her application, she proves herself to be even more brutal, nay, determined than her would-be boss. Their motto is “No fire!” Noem proudly described how she shot Cricket, an “untrainable” German wire-haired pointer hunting dog, in a gravel pit. She had ruined her hunting trip with her unruly behavior. After an electric collar had no effect on her training, Noem had fatal consequences.

While prairie laws apply to the more politically unified United States, the people of Cricket’s home country are dog-friendly — “too kind-hearted,” in Noem’s view. At the Ulm Theater, a dog was planned to appear in a play with the apt title “Lessons in Love and Violence” (!). This person should not perform any reckless tricks, but just quietly and calmly stand next to the singer on the stage for a few minutes. But public love for animals was widespread. The Veterinary Board was on alert like a hound and vetoed the proposal. Dogs are not allowed to play the role until research proves that they actually feel comfortable in this role.

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