May 18, 2024

It started in Munich on August 18, 2023. We’ve both hiked through the foothills of the Alps, over the Karwendel Mountains, through Stubaital, across South Tyrol, through the Dolomites, across Lake Garda to Verona.

Author Nadine Regel spent 50 days crossing the Alps. She hiked from highlight to highlight with her dog Ralphie.

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The two spent 50 days at Alpine Cross.. Of course, they did not climb every day, sometimes taking several days off depending on the weather and fatigue. Still, they covered a total of 504 kilometers on foot, climbing 23,400 meters and descending 21,000 meters.

After arriving in Verona, Nadine said: “It’s crazy. I’m so proud of us as a team. We worked so well together. Ralphie was a big motivation for me. I definitely couldn’t have made it this far without him.” There wasn’t,” he said happily. “I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to venture out in the first place, and if I had, I would have hiked along familiar trails.”

dog and alpine cross

nadine rule

Beautifully lit ambiance at Piz Boe, the highest point on the tour, at 3,152 meters above sea level in the Dolomites.

These were the most important destinations on the tour

  • munich
  • Lake Starnberger
  • Kochersee
  • Krun
  • mittenwald
  • Veihütte
  • innsbruck
  • Starkenburger hat
  • Neustift in Stubaital
  • innsbruck hat
  • tori brown hat
  • Edelweiss Hütte in Radulns (first night in South Tyrol)
  • It then passes through Bolzano-South Tyrol for another two weeks.
  • brixen
  • Wurzjochhütte / Val Badia
  • Puez Geisler Natural Park
  • regensburg hut
  • vegetable number
  • Pisboe
  • Campitello di Fassa
  • Vajolet Reserve (Rosengartengruppe)
  • Torre di Pisa Reserve (Latemar)
  • Cavarese (Trentino)
  • Gfrir/Kaulia (South Tyrol)
  • Then partially via E5/Lake Garda to Verona (see map below)

“Ralph and I have covered incredible routes, braved the unknown and dealt with difficult situations as a team. Crossing the Alps is an adventure you don’t want to miss. Ralphie and I have grown even closer. ”

Here you can see our Alpine Cross adventure again in photos.

photo series

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Hiking with a dog – more tips

For Alpine crosses, you should go on a test tour to find out how much you can expect from the dog. Helpful: Take a first aid course for dogs in advance and have extra tick removers, dog shoes, and a rescue stretcher on hand. Also, take into account your dog’s water and food intake and check their paws every night. It’s better to take the bus and plan a break than to overwhelm your dog. Recommended: 1 day off every 7 days. Important: Always carry a muzzleloader when using public transportation.

Route planning: Tours should be planned to avoid dangerous areas with dogs or to disembark before the dog if necessary. I always kept my routes flexible to accommodate storms, fatigue, sore legs, and other serious situations. 15 out of 50 days were rest days. Tour apps and Google make it super easy to change your schedule. The route was difficult to find in some grassy sections of Trentino, but otherwise the route I chose was easy to follow.

Best time: August and September are the best months to cross the Alps. Late summer usually means more stable weather, more comfortable temperatures, and clearer visibility. Important: You should always anticipate snow and extreme weather changes, not just thunderstorms. Return: Return from Verona on the EC80 train from Bologna to Munich via Verona, which takes approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes. Dog tickets are half the fare. Dogs are not allowed on Flixbus. Information: Information about the region’s network of trails to hike, activities and accommodation (often including reservation facilities) can be found on the respective tourism board websites.,, Research the area in advance using a physical map. In Trentino, a map in your backpack (e.g. 1:50,000, 16 euro compass) will help you choose your route. I have written extensive blog posts on all stages on my homepage (

literature: I have recorded my experiences in a book, which will probably be published by Malik Verlag in the summer of 2025. Food: Thanks to the food in your hut, you will never have a problem with food and can always buy it again. If you need special dog food, we can send it to you in a package. If your dog eats pasta or potatoes, you can feed them in many sheds. The Gasthof Maso Lunch in Abtei, which serves Radin cuisine, and the Fichtenhof in Gfrir on Trudener Corner were my culinary highlights. Accommodation: Mostly in huts, but you will also stay at hotels along the way. Not all hosts (especially in Bavaria) allow dogs. Please be sure to check in advance. My favorites: Schlossgut Oberranbach on Lake Starnberg (, Hotel Fischer in St. Andorra near Brixen (, and Rifugio Torre di Pisa in Latemar ( You can get background information and many other impressions about crossing the Alps on Nadine’s website.

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