May 21, 2024

Communication network – She was immediately amazed at putting the blocks together. Milo, a male, recently surprised his owner Lola with a rare “smile.”Fortunately, the young woman had a cell phone Full of curiosity Record the moment on video.

Laura was surprised when her dog Milo smiled at her.

Laura was surprised when her dog Milo smiled at her. © Build Montage: TikTok/Screenshot/lola.txm

In this clip, the dog comes around the corner while the owner is sitting on the bed. I could immediately tell that something was wrong with the male dog’s face.

Because “his” upper teeth are very noticeable. What appears to be a strange smile turns out to be just as absurd at first glance.

Milo clearly had someone’s third tooth in his muzzle, and it was impossible to cover it any more perfectly.

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But while the dog had already hit the mark with this performance, he did it even better with a funny ending.

Zack, the bit is gone - Milo just has it.

Zack, the bit is gone – Milo just has it. © TikTok/screenshot/lola.txm

Quite unexpectedly, Milo breaks a tooth and loses it. He then deftly hides the third one in his mouth, looking straight at the owner as if nothing happened.

Needless to say, Laura isn’t the only one who finds this performance hilarious. Since she posted this clip on her TikTok last month, she has already received 2.6 million views.

The over 500,000 likes speak for themselves, with countless tear-jerking emojis added to the comments section. Under these circumstances, it’s no wonder that Dodo also wanted to have a say.

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“He has an extraordinary personality,” Laura gushed to Pet Magazine recently, adding, “To tell you the truth, he’s so cute and funny.”

But how did our furry friend actually get the wrong tooth? Milo discovers this when visiting Lola’s grandmother and quickly makes it his own. did. “I was very surprised when I saw that,” Laura said. It made her laugh so much.

Her grandmother also had a great time, the furry friend said. An elderly woman now keeps her third tooth in a safe place.

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