May 21, 2024

From October to March, your furry friends can run wild on the beach. However, free practice will become difficult from April onwards. Travemuende has two designated dog beaches. It’s great to swim together in the Puri Wall Strand. There are beach chairs and lots of space to play. On the beach side of Travemünde, the dog beach is relatively remote. This is Mr. Broten. Dog owners can decide for themselves whether they want to be deterred by warning and prohibition signs or if they want to use the ramp and enjoy swimming with their dog in the Baltic Sea (beware of the risk of slipping!).

Travemuende Dog Beach
Travemuende Dog Beach

There is another option for the dog off-leash route in Travemünde. It’s a path next to the Lugwisch sports field (between Ewendorfer Landstrasse and Lehnauer Mühle). This is a beautiful green path away from the road where your dog can safely run and sniff.

If you have any more tips or recommendations for places in and around Travemünde during the summer that give your furry friend good value for money, please write a comment.Ta

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