May 18, 2024

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A new book by Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota and a confidant of Donald Trump, has become a hot topic in the United States.
A new book by Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota and a confidant of Donald Trump, has become a hot topic in the United States. ©Scott Olson/AFP

Who will be President Trump’s “vice presidential candidate” in the US presidential election? Candidate Kristi Noem may have ruined her chances with a new book.

WASHINGTON, DC – Kristi Noem loves animals. At least that’s what she says. But very few people really believe that. She details in her book how she shot and killed her dog, named Cricket, and a goat 20 years guardian When I reported on it, there was a storm of criticism. The Republican governor of the US state of South Dakota ignored all of this.

“We love animals,” Noem defended herself on Platform X after the article was published. “But on a farm, you have to make these kinds of difficult decisions over and over again. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I had to kill three horses that have been with my family for 25 years. It didn’t happen.”

Kristi Noem wants to do things that are ‘difficult, messy and ugly’ as a politician

In her book, which will be published in the US on May 7, Noem explains that she actually wanted to train crickets to hunt pheasants. His 14-month-old dog was so impulsive that he got scared and stopped playing the game. Then she “like a trained assassin” tore up chickens on her family’s property in her neighborhood and bit them at Noem. She then shot the animal in a gravel pit.

Noem reportedly wants to use the anecdote to emphasize her willingness to do “difficult, messy, ugly” things as a politician when necessary. Shortly after, she emitted an odor that was “unpleasant,” “musky,” and “foul-smelling,” and she did the same to a “bad, mean” goat that was constantly chasing her children.

name Kristi Noem
to be born November 30, 1971
place of birth Watertown, South Dakota
political organization republican
Amt Governor of South Dakota (2019-)

President Trump is said to be horrified by reports about Nomu’s dog incident.

In an interview, she described her behavior as exemplary. Noem told a television station on Sunday (May 5) that she was forced to choose between her children and a dangerous animal. CBS. When host Margaret Brennan asked why the dog was not given to an animal shelter, the Republican repeated the claim that the animal was untrained and had probably bitten someone else.

Additionally, in their opinion, the commander of Joe Biden’s German shepherd should have also been killed. She said Biden’s dogs attacked 24 Secret Service agents. She asked, “How many people have to be attacked and dangerously injured before you make a decision about a dog?”

Noem has long had ample opportunity to run as Donald Trump’s running mate, or vice presidential candidate, in the November 2024 U.S. presidential election.According to the magazine rolling stone However, President Trump is said to have been horrified by this report. It seems almost impossible for him to be named a “running mate.” (CS)

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