May 21, 2024

The Republican governor of the US state of South Dakota first boasted about shooting his dog Cricket, but now US President Joe Biden’s comments about German shepherds have prompted the White House to take action. The 52-year-old was asked on camera about Biden’s German shepherd, which has recently received negative headlines. That’s because the “Commander in Chief” was banned from the U.S. presidential palace last fall because of his frequent attacks on Secret Service agents at the White House.

Noem asked Republicans, “How many people have to be attacked and dangerously injured before we decide what to do with the dog?” Nomu replied that the president was responsible. The White House on Monday criticized Noem’s comments, calling them “alarming.” Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, said America is a dog-loving nation. And she’s talking about some politician killing her. “And that’s an alarming statement on her part. I told her she might want to stop digging her own hole.”

Noem shot her puppy in a gravel pit

The ultra-conservative Noem caused controversy about a week and a half ago with a passage from her unpublished book. In it, she describes how she shot her dog, named Cricket. Noem, she explains, actually wanted to train Cricket to hunt pheasants. Her 14-month-old dog was so impulsive that she got scared and quit the game. Then she “like a trained assassin” tore up chickens on her family’s property in her neighborhood and bit them at Noem. The gnome then shot the animal in a gravel pit.

Noem is considered a potential running mate, or vice presidential candidate, for former Republican President Donald Trump in this year’s presidential campaign. However, once her dog anecdote became known, she found herself caught in the crossfire and justified herself in her various interviews. It’s rather questionable whether President Trump will seriously consider Noem after her dog’s tragic death scare.

A passage from the book has been deleted

According to reports, a passage in which the politician claims to have met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be removed from Nom’s book. When host Brennan asked if she had actually come across the book, Noem said she had made some changes to the book. “I’ve met so many world leaders and traveled all over the world.”

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