May 21, 2024

Despite rising costs of living and a worsening economic outlook, many people in Germany don’t seem to be saving up for their pets. The pet industry was able to further increase sales last year.

According to ZZF, Germany’s pet industry sales exceeded 7 billion euros for the first time last year, an increase of 9.3% year-on-year. Only in the UK did Europeans spend more on their pets. Georg Müller, president of the Pet Products Industry Association, says the industry is doing well.
No country in Europe has more pets than Germany. Last year, there were more than 34 million animals, excluding fish and reptiles. Cats ranked first with 15.7 million, followed by dogs with 10.5 million.

Holzenrich said many owners were buying locally produced products and avoiding products with a lot of outer packaging if possible. For them, it is important that manufacturers pay attention to environmental protection.

Sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role in pet nutrition. Many manufacturers rely on local ingredients to provide products that are as pure as possible, meaning no additives or grains in dog food. What is needed is “pet food exactly as nature intended,” says Thomas Schmidbauer of the Austrian company Mamakris Pet Food.

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Another trend is vegetarian dog food and insects as a protein source. Georg Müller, managing director of Interkel Petfood, a manufacturer in Wehringen, Bavaria, explains that the population’s demand for meat is decreasing.

He now sees vegetarian food as a real alternative, especially considering its climate impact. Whether food can compete with insects also depends largely on price, says Georg Müller. Currently these are generally even more expensive than meat, but that may change in the future.

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Artificial intelligence and other smart products unveiled at Interzoo, the world’s leading pet industry trade show, aim to make daily life with pets easier. Cat flaps with built-in cameras are intended to prevent prey from entering your home.

Owners can control the temperature and light in their terrariums and aquariums using the app. Self-cleaning toilets sift out the hardened cat litter and put it into a trash bag every time you go to the bathroom. There are also clippers that immediately suck up the cut hair.

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