May 21, 2024

When Daniela, an animal shelter worker, first saw the dog, she immediately knew something was wrong here. The dog “Sunny” came to the Duisburg Animal Shelter as a found animal. However, unlike the other animals who shared her fate, she could barely walk.

The 11-year-old boxer mix is ​​now a very special concern at a Duisburg animal shelter. Employees now know what they’re missing. However, they can only help her to a limited extent.

Dogs at Duisburg animal shelter: employees shocked

At 11 years old, Sunny is not only very old, but also therefore frail. She can barely walk, her butt just above the ground. In “Animals Looking for Homes,” employee Daniela explains what a poor dog is missing.

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“Her hip is completely broken,” and she already has symptoms of paralysis. “Everything is like that”, animal lovers can no longer joke. Because Sonny has no way out. At 11 years old, the child is too old and too weak for surgery. But she still wants to enjoy her life to the fullest. She has to find a solution.

Duisburg Animal Shelter: “Don’t give up hope”

The animal shelter came up with something for the daily walk and asked animal lovers to donate. The result is a wheelchair for dogs with walking disabilities. The woman is now able to walk some distance again and is not in as much pain. “I think she’s very grateful to us,” Daniela also said of her dog.

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But something at least as important as the walking aid will be Sunny’s new home. “The chances are very low, but we are not giving up hope,” said a Duisburg animal shelter worker. And animal lovers on Facebook are also wishing Sunny the best of luck. By the way, a video of Sunny is posted on the Duisburg Animal Shelter’s Facebook page.

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