May 21, 2024

Dogs remain one of the most popular pets in Germany. There’s no one happier when you come home than a four-legged friend to cuddle and play with. This is like a dream for many people.

There are many ways to buy a dog. Either at a breeder, animal shelter, or online. Owners want to save a few euros on various advertising sites, but they are also taking a big risk that can cost them a lot later.

Buying a dog from a classified ad – with bitter consequences

The 5-year-old dog first lived with his family, then met other owners through advertising portals, and is now with other suffering companions at the Moers animal shelter. We live together. This is a short resume of “Bohne”. However, officials at Moers Animal Shelter were more specific on Facebook.

++ NRW animal shelter opens the package – the contents tear the animal caretaker’s heart: “Unfortunately, it won’t stop” ++

About six months ago, the dog was put up for sale on an advertising site because “her behavior was no longer compatible with the harmony of the family.” Interested people contacted me and I was able to meet them for the first time. Vaughn had already taught his new owner “a little harmony.” But it was a mistake to let her family feel safe and blind.

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This was because, contrary to the seller’s promise, Mr. Bohne’s nervous demeanor did not change. So after about six months, they made the difficult decision to surrender their furry friend to an animal shelter in Moers. Zookeepers noticed Bohne’s anxiety, which manifested in aggressive behavior just a few days later. “There have been several human-dog encounters in the past,” they report.

Bones require “rock in the waves”

Why do they tell this story? So Vaughn has a chance to get a new home with an owner who knows what they’re getting into. “Mr. Vaughn is currently looking for someone who will give him time and space to understand the situation, as well as someone who will accompany him safely. People need to feel safe and confident, and they need to be safe and confident when dealing with uncertainty.” “We must not allow it to become sexually transmitted, but rather be a rock in the waves for Bohne,” said an animal rights activist.

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This will give Vaughn more confidence and a realistic chance of eliminating the abnormal behavior. For questions or an initial discussion, animal shelter personnel are available by phone during normal hours (Monday through Friday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM and Saturday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM).

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