May 18, 2024

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When the male Milo entered the room, his owner burst out laughing. This adorable mongrel dog has a big smile. Unfortunately for Grandma.

Milo, the male, is a young, adorable mongrel dog with a lot of nonsense on his mind. His owner Laura describes him as having an “extraordinary personality”. So it’s no wonder he does this and that and makes his family laugh out loud.

Milo grabs the tooth from Grandma

A TikTok video by Milo the dog is currently taking the community by storm.under @lola.txm The adopted youngster has a sensational smile.

A hilarious situation occurs during a weekend visit to grandmother. Dogs are generally very curious by nature, so it goes without saying that your four-legged friend should carefully explore the inside of your home. He discovered something that magically attracted him. Of course you have to put it in your mouth too.

When he enters the room with it, his mistress Laura has to laugh heartily. “I was so surprised when I saw it,” she says. dodo. It turns out that he had located Laura’s grandmother’s dentures and had put them in as if they were his own.

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rare sight

The young woman quickly pulled the tooth out of Milo’s mouth, thoroughly cleaned it, and returned him to the bathroom. Most of all, she will make sure it is out of his reach. Now all that’s left to do is confess to her grandmother. She shows the video. She said, “My grandmother laughed. Everyone in the house burst into laughter. It was very unexpected.”

Fortunately, there was no damage to the tooth. Milo also survived this incident well. Some four-legged friends may have a tendency to swallow objects such as balls, stones, hair ties, socks, etc., which can be very dangerous. Therefore, be sure to put away anything that is not intended for dogs.

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