May 21, 2024

Republican rising star Kristin Noem boasts of killing her dog, Cricket. And he criticizes Joe Biden’s bossy qualities.

German shepherd chasing a ball

Christmas 2021, White House “Commander in Chief” Photo: Carolyn Custer/ap/Photo Alliance

If you want to be a tough dog, you’re going to kill people. It’s no coincidence that in 2013, Netflix launched its first-ever series, House of Cards, about Democratic politician Frances Underwood, with this exact scene. Regardless of your feelings, don’t hesitate to do what needs to be done. A neighbor’s dog injured in the accident was quickly strangled with his bare hands.

“Yellowstone” is one of the most popular American series of recent times, where the current psychological state of God’s motherland is intensively explored, and this also includes a scene from “House of Cards.” , only here John Dutton, a rancher and squire, is a distinctly Republican character who shoots his horse in the head, which also has an accident, at the beginning.

Kristin Noem, the Republican governor of South Dakota and a leading candidate for vice presidential nomination in Donald Trump’s campaign, is currently being tracked down in real life and published for political self-promotion. In her autobiography, she describes how she shot Wirehair. My dog ​​Cricket doesn’t move, so I did it with my own hands. The animal, just 14 months old, apparently had trouble correctly identifying birds. The dog, which had actually been trained to hunt pheasants, was unable to successfully catch them, instead scaring them away and then shooting the neighbor’s bird. Chickens “look like killers.” So her mistress did what a woman must do. And she wrote about it, clearly with the intention of portraying herself in the Underwood/Dutton style as a tough man of action.

American culture becomes dog fighting. As expected, half the population who had been scolded woke up and screamed like a kicked dog, and soon Joe Biden’s team announced that they would rather scratch the dog than shoot it. Noem often said that Biden was too lazy to take on the necessary responsibility — he should have shot the German Shepherd commander.

In Germany, it is subject to criminal penalties.

The presidential dog bit all kinds of security personnel for a while until he was finally kicked out of the White House. America in the doghouse: on the one hand, the effeminate democratic city dwellers who offer vegan welcome menus to undocumented immigrants and separate toilets depending on their mood in the safe spaces of college campuses, and on the other hand , hard-working and honest rural people. The man with calluses on his fingers presses the trigger of his revolver over and over again, shooting down all those who stand in the way of God and his own will.

Incidentally, in Germany, the governor’s bold approach would have even made him a criminal himself. According to the Animal Welfare Act, there must be a reasonable reason to kill an animal. What this is is also debatable, but if someone wants to shoot their dog just because they didn’t catch the right bird or because the owner doesn’t want to go through any further training trouble. , SEK dog trainers would do this. Probably Martin Rütter, who will come forward soon.

But in Germany, a politician who brags about killing dogs probably doesn’t even need to run for office, no matter what party he represents. If a candidate were to poke holes in the dog’s hair, let alone damage it, it would be a PR disaster. Recently, when a killer tortured not only a woman but also a dog at the “crime scene”, ARD had to use a fade-in at the beginning of the movie to make it clear that no animals were harmed during filming, of course. I felt that there was.of built Still in shock (“Dog lovers will suffer”). There’s always been a saying in satire circles that because of the cancel culture in Germany, it doesn’t matter what jokes you make on stage, except about dogs.

So while in the US Western-style right-wingers score points by displaying a more pragmatic relationship with animals, in Europe even the Nazis embrace them tenderly. It was not in vain that the National Socialists introduced the first animal protection law in Germany in his 1934 year. A few years ago, when Chico, the fighting dog that killed two people, was to be euthanized in Hannover, animal rights activists and right-wing extremists held a vigil for the animal.

And in post-fascist Italy, so-called puppy yoga, which uses puppies for yoga classes, was banned on April 29th. Rather than having animals blow up during breathing exercises, these events simply allow the animals to run freely around the class, relaxing the mental health of course participants. But Italian animal rights activists said the puppies were being “objectified and exploited”. A company specializing in dog rentals is now complaining that it has been forced to cease operations. If that happens, the puppies are likely to be useless. Kristi Noem would probably shoot her.

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