May 20, 2024

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Owning a dog is expensive for both the community and the owner.
Owning a dog is expensive for both the community and the owner. © Boris Ressler/DPA

There is currently a lot of discussion going on in the Brook area about animal protection. Animal Protection Society FFB is currently holding its annual general meeting.

Fürstenfeldbrück – On its anniversary, the company is thinking about the Fürstenfeldbrück Animal Welfare Society and the surrounding area, a fundraiser for the Mitte School and a five-digit legacy: animal numbers and cash registers. Inge Maia’s rights activists are delighted with the donation. Because, as our annual general meeting made clear, there is always more to do.

47 dogs

As reported by director Dieter Duck, the association cared for 47 dogs last year. “Happily, 35 cats were returned to their owners, and a similar proportion were owned tigers.” Of the 46 cats that passed through Geltendorf Station, 28 were adopted. Grebenzell also has 16 birds, 4 rabbits, 3 turtles, and he also has over 33 hedgehogs that require attention.

That’s why Chairman Beate Mair is delighted to have dedicated members like Barbara Webershock, who has been caring for cats since 1996. Or Iris Bodensteiner, in addition to the time-consuming care of hedgehogs, sees the increasingly ephemeral nature of the container. There is no permanent water connection yet and the tank is still in use.

shortage of human resources

Like many clubs, the Animal Protection Society is suffering from staff shortages. “We need all the help we can get,” President Beate Mair told the approximately 40 members in attendance. It is a serious matter that a couple who volunteered to give their dog some exercise had to decline due to health reasons. “We and the dogs will miss her very much.”

The problem: “We have about 500 members, but the number of members is decreasing,” said treasurer Inge Mair. There are many older members, but not many young people. Perhaps it’s also due to competition between the district’s total of three animal welfare organizations, the treasurer cautiously suggested when asked. She doesn’t want to say anything more about it. At the discussion meeting, there was no mention of Brookerland’s horse stables where animal lovers would like to stay.

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