July 12, 2024

munich – Male Presa Canario “El Giro” will visit the hospital in March 2024 munchner tierheimBecause his previous owner is no longer allowed to keep him.

“El Giro” hopes to live in a quiet area. © Munich Animal Shelter (2)

Born in July 2020, she has been neutered. His shoulder height is 70 cm, and his current weight is 42 kg.

El Giro is a cheerful male who is very kind to his caretakers. He seems suspicious and wary of strangers at first.

He is also territorial and alert in the garden and grounds. If your new home has a garden, we recommend installing a high fence to prevent them from escaping.

Dog and cat are in love “Is this normal?”

At best, his new owner has experience with his breed and lives in the countryside.

They do not get along well with other dogs, cats, or small animals, so they must be kept alone. A family without children is also desirable. Due to cruciate ligament surgery, he shouldn’t have to climb as many stairs at El Giro. Space above ground would be a dream.

El Giro is classified as a category II designated dog in Bavaria, so new owners should check with the local authorities about the conditions for their care in advance. It is allowed (under certain conditions) to keep his breed!

Would you like to meet a wonderful man? Then please contact Kennel 3 by phone. 089/92100051 Then make an appointment to visit.

Cookie and Rooney, cheerful bunnies, are looking for a home with lots of activities and space. © Munich Animal Shelter

Rabbits Cookie and Rooney were born in April 2020 and ended up in an animal shelter because their previous owners were overwhelmed with caring for them.

They are both very intelligent and true explorers. The cute couple is suitable for keeping both indoors and outdoors. However, the enclosure should be at least 4 square meters for him, especially since Rooney tends to get skittish if he doesn’t have enough space to run around.

Unfortunately, like many Aries, Cookie has chronic problems with her ears. Additionally, both rabbits are EC positive (a common disease in rabbits).

The male Leonberger met a sad fate: will Emilio have a second chance?

Small animal house keepers will have more information on this. If you are interested, please contact us by phone. 089/92100053 And then I get to know the duo.

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