May 20, 2024

In an interview with CBS, Noem suggested that Biden’s German shepherd should also have been shot. As a reminder, Biden’s dog Commander was banned from the White House in October after several biting attacks on Secret Service personnel. Before that, the Bidens gave up another dog, Major, also a German Shepherd. Major also bit a Secret Service agent for security reasons and was taken to live with the family of a friend of the Biden family.

“Joe Biden’s dog attacked 24 Secret Service agents,” Noem said in an interview with CBS. “How many people have to be attacked and dangerously injured before a decision is made about a dog?” she asked.

Multiple media outlets, including the New York Times, reported that Republican Nom Biden’s dog Commander has also become a hot topic for her memoir. The New York Times says, “Dog bites are dangerous and unpredictable (are you listening, Joe Biden?), especially if you run a business where people interact with dogs.” Quoted from. There has been no statement yet from the White House.

US President Joe Biden's dog

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Biden’s dog Commander banned from White House after multiple bite attacks

Cricket Shot: “I hated that dog.”

Specifically, a passage in Noem’s book concerns the murder of her dog, Cricket. The relevant excerpts, first reported by the British newspaper The Guardian, have been causing a stir since late April. In it, Noem explains that she wants to train her dog Cricket to hunt pheasants. Her 14-month-old dog was so impulsive that she got scared and quit the game.

Then, “like a trained assassin,” she tore up chickens on a neighbor’s family’s property and bit them at Noem. She then shot the animal in a gravel pit. “I hated that dog,” she wrote.

Noem links incident to becoming a politician

With the anecdotes in the book, which will be published in the United States on Tuesday, Noem reportedly hopes to highlight her willingness to do “difficult, messy, ugly” things as a politician when necessary. Shortly after, she did the same thing to a “mean and spiteful” goat that always chased her children.

In this year’s presidential campaign, Noem is seen as a potential running mate, or vice presidential candidate, for former Republican President Donald Trump. The 52-year-old sparked controversy after giving a controversial TV interview after abortion rights were abolished in the United States. When asked if underage rape victims had to give birth to children, she answered, “Every life is precious.” She added: “I don’t think a tragic situation should be perpetuated by another tragedy.”

Nomu responds to criticism

After the Guardian article was published, Noem defended herself on Twitter. “We love animals, but on the farm we have to make difficult decisions like this over and over again,” she wrote. “Unfortunately, a few weeks ago we also had to kill three horses that had been with her family for 25 years.”

Days after the Guardian article was published, which brought much criticism to the politician, Noem described it as “fake news.” “You know how fake news works,” she told Fox News. “They omit some or most of the facts of the story and present it in the worst possible twist. And that’s what happened in this case,” she defended. But she repeatedly defended the killing itself.

‘Rolling Stone’: Insider says Trump is ‘fed up’

Rolling Stone reported on Friday, citing insiders, that President Trump was displeased with Noem’s account. “Why did she do that?” “What was wrong with her?” Trump is said to have said in a closed-door meeting. Sources said he proved Noem had poor PR sense.

In response, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Democratic Party’s leadership, issued a statement under the name of the “dogmatist party.” Their message is, “If you want to elect politicians who won’t brag about how they slaughtered their pets as part of a book trip, listen to our owners. Vote Democrat!” .

Nomu invented the meeting with Kim Jong Un

Finally, Noem also admitted that a passage in the book about a purported meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was fabricated. Specifically, she wrote, “I remember meeting North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, and I’m sure he underestimated me.” “I don’t think he knew that I had a history of staring down petty bullies. I was a youth pastor, after all.”

She was asked about it in a CBS interview. “That anecdote shouldn’t have been in the book, so as soon as it was brought to my attention I made sure it was corrected,” she admitted.

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