May 18, 2024

Nellie, a dog, has become a new addition to an animal shelter in Thuringia. But like many other animals who end up in shelters, she has a troubled past.

Nelly’s story is not for the faint of heart. Here you can learn about the sad circumstances in which this dog arrived at an animal shelter in Thuringia.

Thuringian animal shelter: regulators had to save Nelly

Nelly has already won the hearts of the staff at the Thuringian animal shelter. The mutt is about 5 years old and is currently looking for a new owner. But it’s sad why she ended up in an animal shelter. Because Nelly had to be removed from her former girlfriend’s home by law enforcement authorities.

Nellie’s previous owner was no longer able to care for the dog due to health reasons. This was a great shock to Nelly, as he loved his former master very much. “She no longer understands the world. She is therefore quite suspicious of others,” the Nordhausen animal shelter in Thuringia wrote on Facebook. Nellie would do anything she could to protect her caregiver. The animal shelter in Thuringia said she had a history of biting incidents.

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That’s why it wasn’t easy for Nelly to get used to the Thuringian animal shelter in Nordhausen at first. At first, the dog wouldn’t let anyone near her. But there is also a ray of hope. Nellie now has the trust of her caregivers and loves going for walks with them and being held. And at the Nordhausen Animal Shelter, we were unable to find any further instances of aggressive behavior.

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Now Nelly is ready to build a new home. You need someone who already has experience owning dogs and who can gently but firmly tell you where your dog is going. Nelly is not suitable for families with small children. If you want to know more about cute Rascal, you can find more information about Nelly on her website at the Nordhausen Animal Shelter. You can also contact the Thuringian Animal Shelter during business hours at phone number 03631-900101.

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