May 21, 2024

Gravesmühlen. Natalia Shenkowska was about to grab the scissors when the phone rang. This is not the first time. But far from being annoyed, she’s happy about it. She’s a neighbor who found out about a new dog salon opening in Grevesmühlen. She wants her beloved four-legged friend to lose her hair as soon as possible. No problem for Sienkowska. New customers know when they can bring their dog to the “Felness” salon after a short appointment.

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“It’s a dream come true for me,” says Natalia Sienkowska, looking out over the dog salon. The Polish woman previously worked as a property manager for a cleaning company in Gröwesmuehle for seven years. The hobby she wanted to turn into a career was already dormant within her. But, as she says, for a long time she could not find the courage to become self-employed.

Natalia Shenkowska wets her English bulldog’s fur in the bathtub.

Gravesmühlen garden shed turned into a dog salon

Things have changed in 2023. Sienkowska attended training and received a certificate to run a dog-girl salon. She and her husband Theodor also rebuilt a garden shed on their property at 13 Körnerstrasse. A bathtub, table and cupboard are all included. It’s all about making your dog or bitch look good again, so that not only the owner is happy, but your four-legged friend also feels comfortable with the new hairstyle.

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How complicated is the procedure? Dog owners should allow 2 1/2 to 3 hours if bringing their four-legged friend. He is bathed twice and must not miss a proper shampoo. If you wish, your dog can have its hair trimmed as well as its eyes, ears, and paws groomed.

The dog salon “Fernes”.

Sienkowska knows few limits when it comes to perfect styling to her customers’ favorites. We offer basic complete care from 50 euros. Prices vary depending on size and weight. An XL dog with a height of 60 cm and a weight of 25 kg or more will be considerably more expensive than a small dog, a so-called S dog, with a height of 30 cm and a weight of up to 8 kg. . If your dog needs a break, give him dry food as a treat. Sienkowska thought so too.

Natalia Sienkowska lifts her English bulldog onto an adjustable table where she can blow dry, comb and cut the dog’s hair.

Dog breeders active at exhibitions across Europe

Haircuts for the first two dogs, Shih Tzu and Volonka, went well on the first day of opening. However, she does not think much about problems and difficulties. Because she has always loved dogs. She and her husband have been breeding English bulldogs for her nine years.

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We both love to travel and have participated in many exhibitions in several European countries. There they exchange ideas with other dog lovers and are even happier when they return home with their own prize. Most recently, Sienkowska won in Belgium at the beginning of the year in a two-year-old Aston.

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Natalia Sienkowska’s opening hours are not set. She works at phone number 0173/2327478. If she has a dog with her, she stays with the dog and she calls the owner when her haircut is done. Anything else will not only interfere with the animal’s work, but also distract the animal.

Owners can get their dogs used to the hair dryer and prepare them for a visit to the “Fell-Ness” salon. In Sienkowska’s experience, animals usually avoid this at first.


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