May 18, 2024

Simply abandoned and left to its fate – a Düsseldorf man recently found his dog tied to a tree trunk in a forest in North Rhine-Westphalia. The poor man was completely desperate, confused and scared. No wonder! The moment his owner left without even looking at him, his world fell apart.

+++Abandoned dog in NRW A1: now animal caretakers reveal dramatic results++

Luckily, an animal lover from Düsseldorf found him and brought him to an animal shelter in North Rhine-Westphalia. However, things could have gone very differently for the dog.

Abandoned dog in NRW – animal shelter on urgent request

An animal shelter in Düsseldorf recently shared two photos of a homeless male dog on Facebook. We then see this rather large, black, short-haired dog tied to a tree in the forest, lonely and alone waiting for his master’s return, which never came.

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Instead, a pedestrian spotted the four-legged friend in the Kalkumar Shlossary forest and immediately alerted animal rescue services. He took the foundling to an animal shelter. There he was tested for the first time. He has not been spayed or chipped, but he is not registered and has no tattoos that can be used to identify his owner.

So the animal shelter is now asking for help from anyone with more information about the four-legged friend. Please contact us on 0211 651850.

Dogs of North Rhine-Westphalia: Animal lovers go wild

The Facebook post quickly attracted hundreds of comments from completely stunned animal lovers. “How can I abandon my animal in the forest and accept that it could have died?” “I can’t believe it, that’s so upsetting. There are so many other options and… I need help, poor dog.”

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Others are deeply worried. “Who knows how long he was held there,” one user pointed out. “It’s definitely going to be a lot of hard work until he can trust people again, but most of them are just glad that the poor dog was found in time.” “I hope he gets the best home now and is spoiled and loved for the rest of his life.”

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The finder contacted the post, thanked the animal shelter once again, and quickly received compliments. One patron was quick to reply that she “kept her eyes peeled,” and the animal shelter also thanked her.

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