July 12, 2024

Yoga enthusiasts and dog lovers have found two passions in so-called yoga. puppy yoga United. but, Italy This new trend has now come to an abrupt end. The Ministry of Health specifies that downward facing dogs must be of legal age and fully grown. The explanation for this is surprising.

Italy: Ministry of Health bans puppy yoga

A few days ago, the Italian Ministry of Health announced the end of puppy yoga in Italy. The authorities will now Only adult dogs are used for health activities perhaps.

puppy yoga This is a variation of yoga where your puppy accompanies you during the session. Participants can play with and cuddle with the puppies during the exercise. The goal is to incorporate the calming effects of animals into your yoga practice to promote physical and emotional health.

What sounds stylish and fun is actually true scope for criminal activity and exploitation of young animals; An organization specifically targeting dog breeders has been discovered Rent out a puppy for a yoga session. The government hopes to stop this through a ban.

abuse and exploitation of puppies

how guardian According to reports, it is primarily to protect the health and welfare of animals.Repeated coverage by Italian media puppy abuse case upon.

Moreover, Piera Rosati, president of the LNDC Animal Protection Group, explains that small animals: exploited for commercial purposes. The reason behind this is the health of the dogs. Animal rights activists have long called for a ban on puppy yoga in Italy.

At least in theory, yoga is not only a physical exercise, but also a spiritual exercise that seeks harmony with the universe. However, this harmony does not exist for puppies in the business.

Piera Rosati, LNDC President of Animal Protection

Moreover, Giusi D’Angelo from the Italian animal rights organization warns against emotionally impulsive behavior during puppy yoga, which can often result in harm to humans. . Adopt a puppy without thinking twice. Then the four-legged friends often end up in animal shelters.

Chaotic situation during puppy yoga: “feces and pee must be removed”

Plus, puppies are young dogs, so some of them think a lot of nonsense. They are very active, but may not have been housetrained yet.

Amity Neumeister, owner of Zem Yoga Studio in Rome, hosted the pup for a session. “It was too chaotic” she explains. “We spent a lot of time chasing them and cleaning up their pee and poop.”

There’s a story about a chaotic situation It requires more care and consideration than relaxation.

many people lose their jobs

The ban on puppy yoga in Italy is not without consequences. “It’s going to affect a lot of people – we 80 or more employees And we haven’t worked since April 29th. If you try to do this with an adult dog, it becomes much more complicated,” explains Francesco Di Tulli, manager of Puppy Yoga Official.

His organization, which looks after Puppy Yoga across the country, has nothing positive to say about this new decision. “This measure is meaningless‘, he continues to emphasize. “No one came to see what actually happened during class.”

Puppy yoga is growing in popularity

All classes scheduled for April 29 were full before the ban went into effect.Puppy yoga fun gaining popularity around the world. Believers emphasize how the presence of animals enhances the sense of calm during exercises.

“There are many reasons why people do puppy yoga,” says Di Tulli. “Some people may just want to have contact with animalsBecause they don’t have it at home and some people are suffering from illness and it takes an hour. exercise really helps you relax. ”

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