May 21, 2024

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From next year, Bad Eibling's first dog will be subject to a dog tax of 70 euros and his second dog 210 euros.
From next year, Bad Eibling’s first dog will be subject to a dog tax of 70 euros, and his second dog will be 210 euros. ©Unsplash | Baptist Stendhal/Christian Dubovin

A 40 per cent increase in dog tax, €70,000 for the public relations department and cuts to the culture department: Criticism of not only the 2024 budget, but also the integration plans for the coming years, was stronger than ever at Ivring City Council.

bad eyebling – The 2024 budget of the city of Bad Aibling was intensively discussed by the parliamentary group. We then coordinated again with the Rosenheim District Office to check and streamline it. Additionally, a plan to improve the city’s finances was included. For this mission of Sisyphus, Treasurer Andreas Menel received praise from all quarters and expressed the greatest respect. The criticism that came from city council leaders regarding the Consolidation Act was clearly not directed at him.

But there was so much I wanted to say. As an example, Petra Kates Dimpflmeyer (SPD) pointed to the 40 percent increase in dog tax starting in 2025. In that case, you would pay 70 euros for your first dog instead of the previous 50 euros. In the future, for the second dog he will be charged 210 euros instead of 150 euros. “That’s outrageous,” Kates-Dimpflmeyer complained.

Dog owners get nothing. Except for the poop bags.

There was some opposition from parents when childcare fees were raised by 10%, but that is understandable. “But at least here you get good, quality child care. Dog owners don’t get anything but poop bags.”

The budget is 86.5 million euros, and the increase in dog tax revenue from 50,000 euros previously to 70,000 euros in the future “doesn’t really bring anything”. On the other hand, opportunities to actually save money in other ways have been clearly missed over the years. For example, filling a vacant “public relations” staff position at an annual cost of around 70,000 euros.

“We don’t need a public relations department.”

This is a position that did not have much expectations for the SPD’s parliamentary group from the beginning. In fact, looking back now, she doesn’t know what she could have accomplished with this. “With a clear conscience, it could have been left alone. BP city councilor Florian Weber also complained about this.” One of his proposals was to at least significantly improve the budget situation. The position was not to be filled until improvements were made. It was rejected.

AfD: Tourist fee increase too low

For Andreas Winhardt (AfD), “Why are spa fees only increased by 10 percent and tourist fees by 5-6 percent when families with dogs are teaching their children how to properly handle animals?” The question arose: “Will the price only go up?” Will older people who keep the animal as a companion be asked to pay 40 percent more? ”

Martina Thalmeyer and Anita Fuchs from the Green Party criticized the reduction in funding for non-fiction and documentary film festivals envisaged in the merger initiative from 25,000 euros to 15,000 euros. Mr. Fuchs was considering a kind of “haircut” in which everyone would receive an equal haircut in order to improve the fairness of voluntary benefits, but Mr. Salmeyer argued that this “unilateral burden and non-support” Therefore, it is clear that he was not in a position to agree with this concept. She doesn’t understand why it’s red penciled here and why there aren’t any other comparable points on the list.

Not everyone wants wetlands and therapy centers

A planned wetland and therapy center also faced anger from some people. Investment subsidies were removed from the original budget proposal for fiscal year 2024. But here, Florian Weber criticized, “instead of fundamentally questioning the project, millions of dollars are simply being postponed until 2027.” This is all the more puzzling since this involves “unilateral economic support to a single company worth millions.”

Martina Thalmeyer thought so too. The project was not approved by a majority because the city’s negotiators did not accurately demonstrate that they were qualified to enter into a contract or to communicate with us on an equal footing. Even though it was “almost” approved, they don’t come talk about it anymore. Like Weber, she saw this as a “subsidy to private companies”, but at the same time the increase in business taxes was putting a strain on Aibling’s traders. Mayor Stéphane Schrier stepped in to stress that most self-employed businesses would not be affected by the tax increase, as they would be able to offset the additional tax burden on their income tax.

“The criticism of the increase is almost bizarre.”

Richard Lechner (SPD) called the criticism of the “19th” increase in the business tax rate from 380 percent to 400 percent strange. “These councilors recently had no problem voting against a contract to extend free public use of the Volksfestwiese parking lot.” They could have secured 15 more years. It is precisely his 190 parking spaces that will benefit city center businesses and their staff who have fewer options when looking for a parking space. ”

The integration plan almost ended in failure.

The integration initiative was also put to a vote at the end of budget deliberations. It passed by a narrow margin of 12:11.

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