May 27, 2024

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meadow dog
Dog attacks and injures toddler in Munich. (Iconic image) © Ben Birchall/dpa

A dog attacked a child while he was with his parents in a park in Munich. Police are currently investigating the owner.

Munich/Neubing – A one-year-old child was injured in a dog attack in Munich. The owner will now have to plead for negligence.

Infant injured in Munich dog attack, sent to hospital, police investigating owner

On Saturday afternoon, the parents were at a park on Wiesendfelserstrasse with their toddler. Police said a 29-year-old woman and her dog were also at the scene.

Even though the animal was on a leash, it still attacked the child, causing head injuries. Emergency services transported the infant to a hospital for treatment.

Munich Criminal Police took over further investigation of the case.

An off-leash dog chased a police horse in Munich’s English Garden and suddenly bit it.the animals ran mad

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