May 18, 2024

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The Giessen Animal Shelter is desperately looking for a new home for Chico. Special needs dogs need loving families.

Giessen – Animal Welfare Association of Giessen and its surroundings e. Since so far “there have been no inquiries for Chico”, Mr. V once again appeals to potential pet owners on social media to find a new home for Chico. There is.

Problems with companions – Giessen Animal Shelter is looking for a new owner for dog Chico

Sweet and cuddly, the American Staffordshire Terrier has already taken and passed a temperament test. Animal protection groups assume he will pass further tests as well. However, Chico has problems with other dogs and has already seriously injured another dog. He used to live with his sister Emma, ​​but she was already rescued and now Chico is alone in the animal shelter.

The animal shelter in Giessen is working hard to change Chico’s behavior towards other dogs. He participates in social walks and dog hikes where he gets to socialize with other dogs. Nevertheless, behavior is necessary, especially in play behavior and socializing with other animals.

Shelter staff say they are doing their best to support Chico, but stress there is no substitute for the lack of a permanent home.

Dogs at an animal shelter.  (symbol image)
Dogs at an animal shelter. (Iconic image) © Sina Schuldt/dpa

Giessen Animal Shelter is urgently looking for a loving family for Chico

Animal shelters should share this call on social media to potential stakeholders and encourage cross-regional adoptions, especially in federal states where dog taxes for registered dogs are not as high as for other dogs. We urge you to consider your options. In Gießen, dogs on the list are subject to the same dog tax as other dogs.

Giessen Animal Shelter rescues abandoned animals from errant kennels.

Chico can be seen at the animal shelter in Giessen. To contact this property, please call 0641 52251 or email You can also visit Chico-chan inside the facility. For more information, please visit us online at

Comments on a Facebook post from the animal shelter show support and encouragement for Chico’s future home. (Cass)

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