May 27, 2024

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El Giro, a male from Presa de Canario at the Munich animal shelter.
El Giro is not only playful, but also territorial and wary. © Munich Animal Welfare Society eV, IMAGO/Daniel Schallinger

A Munich animal shelter is looking for a new owner for El Giro, a male Presa de Canario dog. My dog ​​is 3 and a half years old, so I’m looking for an experienced owner.

Munich – Spacious grounds, no children and an experienced owner, that’s all the man El Giro wants. But the most important thing is the person who will adopt him from the animal shelter. His current weight is 42 kg and his shoulder height is 70 cm. “El Giro” means “in order” in Spanish, and according to the Munich Animal Welfare Society, this is because dogs of the Presa de Canario breed are very playful. He will turn 4 on September 4th this year and has already been in an animal shelter for two months after his previous owners were no longer allowed to keep him.

Loyal Defender: El Hiro prefers to protect his home.

El Hiro was previously held in a large compound, which he faithfully guarded. According to the Munich animal shelter, the dog has a lovable personality, but is territorial and wary. In Bavaria, they are classified as category II designated dogs, so you should check the local government’s breeding requirements in advance. You also need an owner who is already experienced with the breed and can lead the dog consistently.

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“The Lonely Prince” El Giro – prefers to be the only child in the house

However, El Giro does not get along well with other dogs or pets. He also wants a home without children. The shelter calls him “The Lonely Prince.” El Hiro has also already undergone surgery on his cruciate ligament. Therefore, male dogs are happy in apartments with few stairs.

If you know El Giro and would like to adopt him, please contact the Munich animal shelter (Hundehaus 3, telephone: 089/921 000 51). Other pets, such as Hunde House’s guard dog Kaima, also enjoy a loving home. 1.

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