May 27, 2024

Lübeck. Stowaway on the Grand Tour: On the night between Friday and Saturday, two callers called police in the St. Lorenz Nord area of ​​Lübeck after hearing a roaring sound coming from a car. Around 1 a.m., officers at the scene shined flashlights into the car, but could not find the animal.

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“Police identified the owner of the car after hearing noises coming from the engine compartment of the car. He explained that he had just driven from Romania and had agreed to come with us to view the vehicle,” police spokeswoman Anna said.・Julia Meyer says. Finally, after opening the front hood, the officer found a small black dog on the left side of the engine block and released it. But first I had to disassemble the hose.

Whining heard in Romania

Car owners said they had already heard whining in Romania. But he did not think anything and did not assign it to his car. The small dog had probably already “boarded into Romania” and had traveled about 2,000 kilometers northwest.

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The puppy was infested with ticks and fleas and appeared emaciated. The dog was handed over to Tia Taxi, a driving service for dog owners. The puppy is currently undergoing a thorough examination and has been “transported to a specialized facility,” police spokesperson Meyer said.


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